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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Up to date

Good morning, gang.  Thought I owed my loyal following a few updates on some things that I have mentioned in recent blog posts, so here goes.

Looks like we finally have our washer fixed.  We've replaced the drain pump, then the motor, and now the drive belt.  Not much else in the way of moving parts to replace, and we're hopeful that we won't experience any more of that horrible burning smell.  The technician was pretty confident that the smell was caused by the old belt becoming too smooth and spinning on the drive spindle. Hope he's right, or else we'll have to buy a new machine.

Remember when I mentioned my experimentation with homemade popcorn?  Two very nice folks whom I've known for some time (we used to work together) generously sent me a pan specific to the task of popping popcorn on the stovetop.  It's called a WhirleyPop and does a very nice job.  Just a little practice and I was able to prepare some very tasty popcorn.  No more microwave corn for us!

We continue to struggle with our front yard, as we had two trees removed from it last fall and between that and something that killed a lot of our other grass, there were a lot of bare places.  I'm happy to report that my fall and subsequent spring seeding-and-feeding processes produced new grass in many places, but there are still is a substantial area of naked dirt.  So once again, I scraped it up and placed grass seed and water.  Hoping the third time is the charm and that we have a luxuriant yard in no time flat!

I'm sure you also recall that I was a little down that Kentucky's men's basketball team had not played up to their potential during the regular season.  You probably also remember that they played encouragingly well during the Southeastern Conference tournament.  Well, they've won four straight NCAA tournament games and will play in the Final Four on Saturday in Arlington, Texas (which the national media has apparently decided to call "North Texas").  Nice turnaround by coach John Calipari and his crew.  Hope they can keep it going!

The Cincinnati Reds began their season on Monday.  In a most unexpected turn of events, my son happened into tickets and we were able to attend the game!  And Opening Day is a BIG deal in Cincinnati, which is undoubtedly why it's such a big deal in my family as well.  Beautiful day, but the Reds went down to their rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals, by a count of 1-0.  They'll go at it again tonight, and, while I won't be there in person, I'll be watching.

I was able to go because I'm experiencing another career transition.  I left my old job at the close of business last Friday, as I had already agreed to go to work with a different company.  I start my new position in May, so I have the month of April pretty much off work!  In addition to the afore-mentioned yard projects (I'm sure we'll also think of a few things to plant, too), I plan to do some volunteer work with an agency that helps underprivileged individuals find and hold employment.

So that's what's new with some things you've heard before.  And that's no April Fool.


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