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Monday, April 21, 2014

An intermediate phase

Top of the morning, all.  I hope that you enjoyed Easter, Passover or just the weekend, depending on your perspective.  Our gang celebrated Easter well, with egg hunts, church and some great family time.  So I hope that you had the opportunity to do the same.

I'm in the fourth week of my "sabbatical," as I begin a new position on May 5 (Cinco de Mayo, if you keep track of that sort of thing).  At this point I wish I had played more golf and done less work on my lawn, but that's how it goes whether I'm working or not.  This morning we're making our latest attempt to persuade grass to grow in the space in our front yard where a tree formerly stood.  Bought a product I've used before that contains seed, mulch and fertilizer and it works pretty well.  Just hoping that it will produce at least some grass in these bare areas of the front yard!

I have also had the privilege of performing some volunteer work with a fine organization here in my home area called Jubilee Jobs.  Their sole mission is to help underprivileged persons find and retain employment.  I've only done a few small things for them, but I know that the sum of what this organization does will help their clients become productive members of our local community.

Speaking being productive, the Cincinnati Reds are producing some runs finally, and their record reflects the improvement.  They're in the midst of a ten-game road trip and have regained the services of a three key players who began the year on the disabled list, so that appears to have spurred some of the turnaround.  That, and all-world slugger Joey Votto was moved to the second spot in the batting order, and began to hit the way that all Reds fans knew that he would.  My greatest hope for the Reds is that this upward wave continues for a bit.

Before beginning this entry I perused the internet for a while, reading from various sites that I visit from time to time.  One consistent theme is that there apparently is a pretty good demand, perceived or otherwise, for musings about "Mad Men," the AMC television show that's now airing part one of the seventh and final season of the show (and why this season is in two parts is a good one all to itself).  I didn't initially watch the show, but a couple of friends spoke well of it and advised that I would like it, and I caught up and watched pretty regularly until about the middle of the most recent season.  At that point I concluded that this was basically a workplace soap opera and was becoming more than a little predictable (and, boy, I'll get some comments about that, I'm sure).  So I stopped.

But what I discovered in conjunction with that is that one doesn't have to spend the time watching the show, when he can read the many, many, MANY reviews dissecting various plot points and divining meaning from how someone holds a drink, etc.  And the reviews and recaps seldom agree in their interpretation of the plot points on the show itself, which I find amusing.  Come on, it's a TV show, there's nothing metaphysical about "Mad Men," is there?  I say "no," and will continue reading these far-reaching attempts to glean cosmic significance from a television show.

Remember the old adage that "the captain goes down with the ship?"  I have always believed that to be the case in business as well, but on the high seas, that apparently no longer applies.  We now know that the captain of that sunken ferry in Korea was among the first off the ship.  The only interview that I know of with him was conducted while he was wearing a hooded garment that hid his face.  And like the captain of the wrecked cruise ship in Italy a couple of years ago, he should face some significant charges once all is said and done.

Have a good week and keep your fingers crossed for my lawn....


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