New Shoes in the Rain

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The frozen tundra of central Kentucky

Boy, is it cold this morning!  One degree as I write this.  Overnight last night it had to have been a few degrees below zero, and that's not even counting the wind chill.  Wish me luck, as I have a few errands to complete around lunchtime today, and it will most likely still be pretty frigid!

Congratulations to the Florida State Seminoles for winning the final BCS championship of college football last night.  I didn't watch their game with Auburn, because I really had no rooting interest in either team.  And it totally escaped me that a former Kentucky assistant is on Florida State's staff, so he went from a pretty poor football team to the national championship in one year.  Ironic, since Kentucky's current head coach came TO Kentucky from Florida State!

We're exploring the possibility of getting our ductwork cleaned.  We tried this a few years ago, using the company that normally cleans our carpet, as they had branched out into that line of work.  Did it help?  Beats me, I suppose the house seemed a little cleaner, but we could dust three days a week and still have dust on the furniture in the downstairs part of our home.  And this is AFTER having the furnace and blower unit replaced a couple of years ago.  So we're hoping that this will help us get our dust under control once and for all.

Did you hear about film director Michael Bay's tantrum yesterday?  Apparently a television manufacturer had hired him to co-present their new models at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but because the teleprompter didn't work properly, he simply could not go on.  Based on my experience in radio many years ago, Mr. Bay wouldn't have lasted five minutes in small-town radio, back in those days, when something went wrong on a regular basis.  Sometime I'll assemble an entry about my days in broadcasting, which are just as amusing as much of what you'd see on "WKRP in Cincinnati."

Over the holidays I passed the five-month mark in my current job.  After ten years with my last employer, I have to say that I still feel very much like a new guy.  I suppose that will subside over time, but for now, it still feels relatively unfamiliar.

My favorite commercials right now (yes, I generally have a couple of favorites, and it isn't even the Super Bowl yet) are those for the Honda Odyssey (in which the onboard vacuum cleaner is spotlighted in a clever way) and for an online shoe seller called  Very funny commercials for them.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, I'm usually deep into planning cuisine for the big game this time, but I'm just not feeling any inspiration.  The zenith of this was when I attempted to make gumbo and fell well short of a good version of this dish (although I know what I did wrong and will eventually try again).  We've had 'sausages of the world,' overstuffed sandwiches, baked chicken wings, chili, and lots more.  Even tried to make a brisket once, and while what I prepared was fairly tasty, it wasn't what I'm used to when one describes brisket.  So I have some thinking to do.

That's about it for now.  I now have to look for something else to burn to keep the house warm.


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