New Shoes in the Rain

Monday, January 27, 2014

It's gonna be Super

Friends, I write this morning knowing that the latest ice age has not, in fact, descended on our home planet.  Or even my home area.  It was 50 degrees yesterday in central Kentucky, after days and days below freezing.  But that was just a tease, as it's once again very cold today and stands to be the same for the next couple of days.

Thank God the gas company has us on the "budget" plan!

So here's the deal--the Denver Broncos, our family's favorite NFL team (daughter and family live in the Denver area, son was born not far from there, love Peyton Manning and three former University of Kentucky standout players are members of the team), will be taking on the Seattle Seahawks in the Ice, I mean, Super Bowl next Sunday night in New Jersey.  First time that game will have been played outdoors in a northern city.  About time, if you ask me, football is all about bad field conditions and seeing EVERYONE's breath and fans acting like idiots by taking their shirts off in zero degrees, and so on.

Having a little trouble locking in a menu for our at-home tailgating festivities.  After all, Denver's a great town, but it's not really known for any specific type of cuisine (and I don't count "Rocky Mountain oysters" as "cuisine," either).  For the AFC Championship we and our son's crew indulged in as much orange food as we could think of, and may do so again.  Love some ideas if you have any.

We didn't watch the Grammy Awards last night, as I really didn't want to keep saying "Who?" every time a nominee or winner was announced.  I swear, I have really become my father over these last few years, as I am so disconnected from current music, it's not even funny.  I remember being an avid reader of Rolling Stone magazine for YEARS, and now couldn't tell you who anyone in those pages is, unless they do a story about Bruce Springsteen or someone else more mature who's still producing new recordings.

But I saw the digested version online and on the Today Show this morning, and have these comments to offer:

Taylor Swift needs to learn and use a better poker face.  She apparently expected to win one major award and expressed outright shock that she didn't.  Bad form.

Daft Punk is apparently a pair of French performers who never show their faces.  What gives?  Scarring?  Intense ugliness?   Or are they actually someone else and they're assuming some sort of "alter egos" like Batman/Bruce Wayne?

I'm not big on combining geezers and current performers.  For instance, I believe I saw that Blake Shelton, who's big in country music and on "The Voice," performed with Merle Haggard, Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson.  Talk about being out of your element.  If they think they're teaching fans of current music anything by showing the old guard, they're not.

Enough ranting about that.

Kentucky's basketball team won by 25 on Saturday.  I honestly can't tell if they're getting better or not, as the other teams in the Southeastern Conference don't appear to be all that good.  Guess we'll see come tournament time.

The Cincinnati Reds winter caravan rolled into Lexington over the weekend, and my son and I decided not to go this year.  Sick kids, sick son, bad weather and a lack of excitement about who came to represent the team contributed.  I'll be happier seeing the team on the field come April or so.

The cable company gave us two free on-demand movies to use sometime before February.  My wife and I reviewed what was available, and honestly could not find anything we wanted to watch that we didn't already have.  Culture is apparently dead, or at least hiding from us.

Signing off, at least for now.


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