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Thursday, March 14, 2013

This I know

Just a collection of random, unrelated thoughts to share this morning.  Writing this from the road, but based on some event of this week and last, I may be able to somewhat curtail my travels in the near future.  We can only hope.

I cannot wait for baseball to begin.  I know, the teams are playing spring training games, and the World Baseball Classic is going on right now, but I mean REAL games.  Games that count.  Can't wait!

During my recent heavy travels I've been watching the brilliant Ken Burns film "Baseball," and am still astounded by its resonance and durability.  The added "Tenth Inning" is an excellent overview of several developments in baseball that occurred largely after the original miniseries was first produced.

Saw "Argo" not long ago.  A good film, to be sure, but I still don't agree that it was last year's BEST PICTURE, per the Oscar it won.

I bought an Apple TV unit last week.  My wife and I have enjoyed watching some of my existing iTunes library, as well as a few things on Netflix.  We haven't explored many of the other available programming options yet.  Tempting to cut the cord and do away with our cable account and its ever-increasing pricing, but that would also prevent me from watching my beloved Cincinnati Reds, so that's probably a no go.

Speaking of Netflix, we followed through on our son's recommendation and have been watching "Downton Abbey" on Netflix.  I never thought I would find a show about the aristocracy of early 20th century England and their domestic staff to be compelling, but it is.  Well written and acted escapist entertainment is hard to beat.

High time that the College of Cardinals saw fit to elect a Pope from Latin America--from what I've read since Pope Francis I's selection was announced, Latin America now represents somewhere in the neighborhood of 41% of the world's Catholic population.  And those who think "they" should elect a younger Pope should remember that he is always chosen from the College of Cardinals, and priests don't generally become cardinals until they have pretty extensive pastoral experience.

Carpe diem, everyone.


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