New Shoes in the Rain

Monday, October 22, 2012

The long run

Top of the morning, friends....still stinging from the Reds' recent playoff collapse, but we march on, because we must!

I'm in week six of seven consecutive travel weeks.  A rarity for me these days, as I am normally able to control my schedule a little better than that.  But this week is a one-night affair, so I'm heartened by that and the light at the end of next week's travel tunnel as well!

I mentioned the Reds above, and I must add to that comment that I really get a bang out of watching anyone beat up on the St. Louis Cardinals, the Reds' mortal enemies.  Extra gratifying that they're now forced to a game 7 in their championship series by the very team who stole Reds' fans World Series dreams....ladies and gentlemen, the San Francisco Giants!

In much the same manner as when they won the whole thing two years ago, the Giants collected some key players down the stretch to strengthen their team and surge ahead in their division.  Good group of players, with unlikely heroes in most of their wins.  And lots of pitching, the sure cure for any problems in today's baseball.

Pitchers, or, more correctly, quarterbacks, would surely help Kentucky football.  They cannot seem to keep a quarterback on the field, as their latest starter had to sit for a time Saturday night with "migraine-like symptoms."  OK, I'm no doctor, but you either have a migraine headache or not.  I work with and for nurses, and have for years, and am still amazed by how many people will talk about their migraine headaches as though they're commonplace and over in an hour.  I've known migraine sufferers, and it's a very debilitating condition for those so afflicted.

I was flipping around the television dial yesterday morning and happened upon a show on a music channel (not MTV) and they were featuring Jeff Lynne, the creative force behind the Electric Light Orchestra.  If you don't remember them, I'd bet that you would recognize ten or more of their songs if they were played for you, and if you're over forty.  The guy is a veritable renaissance man, not only for his ELO work, but also for having produced albums by the Beatles (he did the "new" tracks on their Anthology albums), George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and a number of others, and was a member of the Traveling Wilburys group.  I knew this, but it's funny how artists of all types can drop out of our field of vision for a time.  Anyway, he's gone back and remastered and recrafted all of the great ELO hit songs (I'm listening to it now), as well as to record another solo record (and I believe this means a TRUE solo record, where he plays and sings everything) of old standards.  He did this once before (the previous release was called "Armchair Theatre," I think) and he mentioned in the liner notes that they were "songs me mum loved."  Check it out if so inclined on your favorite online music source.

Wow, it's almost Halloween.  Since I'll be traveling next week during the occasion, I believe my costume will be "weary business traveler."  You can pick up the outfit at any major airport.


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