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Monday, October 29, 2012

Near the end

Happy Monday, one and all.  Lots to mention this morning....

Let's start with Halloween, one of the odder holidays we celebrate.  And so many safety concerns have robbed kids of the fun I remember having going trick-or-treating when I was a kid.  My most vivid memory was of making a "run" on my home street, coming back to the house to drop off my loot for the night, then embarking on a more ambitious route through a neighboring (and larger) subdivision, going alone (my older brother was a killjoy on these kinds of things) and returning home with such a large load of candy and other goodies that I could hardly carry it!

And what I also remember was my dad used to say, "Let me put all of that into a big bowl so that we can check it to make sure it's OK."  And he would then systematically put aside those items he knew that he liked that we did not.  Only time of year I ever saw him eat candy!

So if you have a little one in your household, make sure they get to dress up and have some good, safe Halloween fun!

Now, on with today's rant....

This is week seven of my seven-consecutive-weeks-of-overnight-business-travel that I've been raging about for a while.  So I'm happy about that, and will be visiting familiar terrain where I know what's available for dining and other options, and I like that, too.  But I had to pass up two local lunch invites, so hopefully I can postpone for next week.

And next week is Election Day, and I don't know what it's been like in your home area, but with all of the hyper-negative advertising that has almost nothing to do with what voters care about, I'll be very glad when all of this is over.  I have even seen attack ads associated with a local city council race, if you can believe it.  Never thought it would come to that.  I suppose we don't need to wonder anymore why the "good" people decline to run for office.

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants, world champions of baseball for the second time in three seasons.  They finished off the Detroit Tigers (congrats to them, too) in four consecutive games last night in cold Detroit.  Worth noting that they won three straight to beat my Cincinnati Reds in the divisional playoff round, then came off the mat against the St. Louis Cardinals to win the last three of their league championship series and THEN four in a row against the Tigers in the Fall Classic.  Pretty good going to win seven straight postseason games!

Not so for the Kentucky football Wildcats, who are now 1-8 on the season due to youth, injury, ineffectiveness on both sides of the ball, you name it.  They traveled to Columbia, Missouri for a beatdown Saturday by the Missouri Tigers (I know, how can the University of MISSOURI be in the Southeastern Conference?).  Season cannot end quickly enough, and we can then get on with defending our national basketball championship.

Speaking of that, check out "All Access: Kentucky" on one of the seventeen ESPN channels (it runs on various outlets of the Worldwide Leader in Sports throughout each week).  It's a rather interesting inside look at Kentucky's basketball team and coaches, particularly head coach John Calipari.  I don't know how much of it's contrived, but it's good viewing if you even remotely care about college athletics.

I'll close by being serious.  If you live along the eastern seaboard, or have family or friends who do, I sincerely hope that they do not suffer ill effects from Hurricane Sandy, which is bearing down on New Jersey as I write this.  Be safe, everyone.


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