New Shoes in the Rain

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Greetings, all.  Back from yet another business trip, albeit a brief one this week, after being gone for four days last week.  Nothing in particular on my mind today, just a few random observations (what else?) to share.

I don't often supply links to anything but a former colleague sent this to me, and if you are now or have ever been part of a sales organization, you'll find this amusing:

I've also found it a little amusing to see, hear and read all of the advance analysis of the first Presidential debate between President Obama and Governor Romney tonight.  Why, you would think it's the Super Bowl or something!

I think the NFL is glad to have its "professional" on-field officials back on the job, particularly after having replacement officials make a mess of countless games and directly influence (albeit unintentionally) the outcome of several of them.  Goes to show what a friend who used to officiate various sports used to tell me---the worst thing for an official is to be noticed.  Right on the money.

Baseball is drawing to a close, at least for the regular season.  My Reds are playing for a top seed tonight, which will give them home field advantage in the first two rounds of the National League playoffs.  That is, if they survive the first round.  It's baseball, after all, and anything can and will happen.  Old salts like Reds manager Dusty Baker (who is back on the job after a bout with an irregular  heartbeat and subsequent mini-stroke, so here's hoping he's feeling good) often say that players perform as the backs of their baseball cards (their career statistics) say, but that's over a long season, not a best-of-five or best-of-seven series.

Speaking of this, I gained the opportunity to buy tickets to the Championship Series, so I'm all set if the Reds get through round one.  Bought tickets to several games, with the intent of selling those that I cannot attend.  After all, this doesn't happen very often!

Read somewhere that recently the compact disc celebrated its thirtieth anniversary, and, in the article, people were talking about when are where they were when they bought their first, and what it was.  For my part, that's an idiotic subject, because I was so backward I didn't start buying CDs until 2003, when I bought my first car with a CD player installed.  And if you recall an earlier discussion on this, I still had records until just a few years ago.

That said, I honestly don't know how one finds out about new albums from their old favorites these days, if they're not consistent buyers of new stuff.  Could not tell you the last time I perused the music aisles at Best Buy, for example.  Satellite radio helps, but if my favorites aren't played much there, how would I know?

Suppose there are bigger and better things to worry about, so I'll get busy now.


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