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Friday, June 8, 2012


This post is devoted to the items I've seen in the news recently that prompted the title reaction from me.  And from many others, I'd wager.  Let's get started.

Four Cincinnati teens were denied their diplomas at a recent high school graduation ceremony.  No, they weren't under suspension or punishment for bad behavior, poor grades, failure to turn in classwork, etc.  No, the kids' families cheered too loudly at the ceremony and the superintendent elected to punish them for their families being too disruptive.  They're being asked to perform 20 hours of community service before the diplomas will be released. You're reading this correctly.

In a related matter, all of the diplomas handed out in Prince George's County, Maryland last week contained a misspelling of the word "program."

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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has been rather unpopular since his election to office for pushing austerity measures that altered the collective bargaining power of numerous state employees, and was ultimately forced to face a recall election (only the third such recall election in American history, I believe).  Despite being so unpopular that people would sign a petition to even force the recall election, Walker wins the recall by a large margin.

DC Comics has announced that the superhero Green Lantern will now be openly gay.

The Miss USA beauty pageant occurred over the weekend, but shortly thereafter, Miss Pennsylvania, Sheena Monnin, turned in her state crown, saying that the contest was fixed and that a list of those contestants who would be in the top 5 was seen by another contestant prior to the show starting.  What makes this particularly damning is that the list and the eventual top 5 finalists were listed in exactly the same order.  Of course, pageant co-owner Donald Trump says he'll sue this young woman.

An object roughly the size of a tractor trailer has washed up on the Pacific coast and has made it all the way from Japan's tsunami months ago.   One wonders how much more has already made it, and what's yet to come.

A sure-fire college football prospect who was accused ten years ago of kidnap and rape and ultimately served five years due to a plea bargain was exonerated recently and has been invited to the Seattle Seahawks training camp to try out for a spot on their roster.

Cincinnati Reds closer Aroldis Chapman had pitched 29 innings over 24 games and had not given up a single earned run.  Until last night, when he gave up consecutive doubles and a run, allowing the Pittsburgh Pirates to beat the Reds 5-4.  Chapman regularly throws the baseball at speeds of 100 miles per hour or greater.

And since you were nice enough to stick around to the end, thought you'd like to know that a truck carrying a load of pancake syrup blew a tire and crashed just after midnight this morning.  The driver swerved to avoid a car and crashed into the median wall.  But, no, a crew from the local Waffle House did not appear as previously rumored to assist in the cleanup.


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