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Monday, June 25, 2012

It's quiet now....

It's quiet this morning here at the Smith ranch, but only in anticipation of what's to come.

Our daughter and her family should be arriving here later today.  And, no, they won't be brandishing bullhorns or sirens, but a family of four added to our little empty nest certainly makes a difference.

They'll be here with us until sometime late next week, when they'll start their trek back to Colorado.  They drove east last Thursday, stopping in western Kentucky to see my wife's mother and some other relatives there, then moved eastward past Lexington and on to northeastern Kentucky for two family reunions held on successive days by our son-in-law's family.

So we've been preparing for their arrival, and, ready or not, today's the day!

And because I work at home when I'm not traveling, we have an understanding that I almost always have to travel the first few days they're here.  I'm not comfortable taking two full weeks off from work consecutively (I manage people, and that presents some coverage and other issues), so generally speaking I'm on a business trip during week one of their stay.  This year is no different, I leave for Richmond, VA tomorrow morning around 11:00 and will return home Thursday night.

I feel that I just got back from the road, which is accurate, as I was in New Orleans again for meetings and interviews (another of my team decided to resign---I suppose one might wonder what I'm doing to these people to make them leave, but the departures are generally motivated by finances that our company cannot match) from Tuesday through Friday morning.

No additional pithy remarks about the Crescent City (I wrote a good treatment of Nawlins about a month ago) except it escapes me how a particularly bossy colleague would and could decide that a group of us should go to a dive way on the other side of the inner city for a mediocre hamburger, instead of choosing yet another of the legion of fine dining establishments available within closer proximity.  But that's just me, I suppose.

Anyway, I return home from this week's journey on Thursday evening (routed homeward from Richmond via Detroit, of all places, but it could have been worse, as I could have chosen to travel through New York City, making even less sense) and Friday begin six days of vacation.  Very much looking forward to it!


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