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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Broken record

I just saw something online that was essentially a plea for our music-loving society not to forget its roots and go back to vinyl records.  The teaser read something like this:

The real genius of vinyl recrods is the way that they help us actually feel our favorite music. That connection should not be lost.

Excuse me, but when was the last time that you attempted to play a record somewhere other than at home.  Oh, never?  Why not?

Kidding aside, when I was a young pup and feeling pretty good about the quasi-audiophile turntable (we record snobs would NEVER have referred to this device as a "record player") that I had added to my component system, I remember reading about the over-the-road trucker who loved music so much that he had found a way to suspend a turntable to make it unaffected by bumps in the road and such, allowing him to listen to his favorite records while driving.

Turns out he could have bought an iPod and accomplished the same.

Same line of thought....I noticed that Joe Walsh, erstwhile guitarist, sometime solo performer, most associated with the Eagles, just released a solo recording entitled "Analog Man."  A brief interview I saw of him commenting mentioned that he insisted that it be released on vinyl, as that's the truest medium for music.  But despite his comments and the obviously ironic title, the new recording is available on CD (there's also a combo CD/DVD set) and digitally on iTunes and elsewhere, I'm sure.  Don't yell "sellout" in response to this information....Joe's just doing what all struggling millionaires do.

I moved into the wholly digital music world a few years ago.  Inched that way when I sold the last car we had with a tape deck, and started acquiring CDs.  Then, somewhere along the line, my 25-plus-year-old component system just didn't seem that great.  Satellite radio also helped that migration.  In the end I sold most all of my records, gave the tapes to my son, and bought an iPod (later replaced with an iPad, which also serves as my primary music repository.  Then I sold most of my stereo equipment and donated the rest to the Salvation Army (the donation clerk actually said, "Does this stuff still work?"  All I could do not to smack him).

No regrets.  I've finally started buying music digitally, without buying the physical CD (although I can burn one if I like), and am contemplating the same for videos down the road.  I'm not there yet, but I can see that happening one of these days.

On another subject, the U.S. Open (men's golf) will be contested this week at the treacherous Olympic Club near San Francisco.  That should be entertaining, as golf's elite players will be crying "uncle" and complaining of the unfair setup of the course.  What, this is supposed to be easy?

Another golf-related note....Jim Nantz of CBS Sports got married on the 7th hole at Pebble Beach recently, after ending a 29 year marriage a couple of years ago.  Reading between the lines it looks like he married someone who worked for his talent agency.  All I can say is "good luck," and I'm glad that all of the sucking up Jim does during the AT&T National (played at Pebble Beach and owned in part by Clint Eastwood) paid off for him in the form of his nuptials.

Finally, this weekend is Father's Day.  Don't kids NEVER do!


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