New Shoes in the Rain

Friday, May 20, 2011

There went another week....

Lots happening, as always....

First and foremost, our daughter-in-law will have a baby between now and Monday.  Thinking good thoughts, and hoping for a healthy mother and baby when all is said and done!

Traveled again this week, this time by car to Nashville (and will be going back next week).  Nashville is a pretty good place to visit, particularly the southern end of the city, where our offices and many of our clients are located.  Good hotel selection, lots of restaurants, a nice mall where a fella can stretch his legs, etc.  Didn't notice anything really out of the ordinary on this trip, as I often do.  That in itself is a little strange.

Since my last post concerned our upcoming garage sale extravaganza, permit me to report that the Smiths cleared around $150 for their collective efforts, while our son and his family walked away with around $220 and some extra space in their soon-to-be-more crowded house!  We cleared out a lot of stuff on this go-round, and successfully let go of a few items that we had tried, and failed, to sell in the past through one means or another.

And the folks who visited us on our rainy Saturday morning and afternoon were the usual mixture of folks looking for stuff and others looking for a deal.  And we sold stuff to both categories, thankfully.  Donated the remainder to a local charity, as is our custom.

We finally saw the sun yesterday for the first time in a while.  Was talking to a man yesterday who said it had rained 36 of the last 41 days in our home area.  I am just about to go out and buy the raw materials so that I can begin construction on my very own ark.

Have a good weekend, and try to stay out of trouble.


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