New Shoes in the Rain

Friday, May 13, 2011

Everything must go!

We're having a garage sale tomorrow.  Rain or shine.  Come early, stay late, bring your cash and an empty pickup truck.

Actually, our entire neighborhood is having a sale, and I simply piggyback on with the rest of the group.  They advertise it pretty liberally (we're not members of the association, so I'm REALLY riding their coattails, as I usually do with these events) and there's strength in numbers.

And those who like to visit garage sales never cease to amaze me with what they'll buy or what they show up seeking.  Here are some anecdotes I hope you'll find amusing:

*   In one garage sale, as soon as I opened the garage door to go out and move our cars into the street, a guy pulled up driving a battered pickup with racks on the sides.  He asked if I was open, and I told him I would be as soon as I repositioned the cars.  He then proceeded to buy about 75 percent of what I had on display, for a tidy sum.  Seems he was (and probably still is) a flea marketer, and he was looking for stock for his own display.  Bought the damnedest combination of items I ever saw--dishes, glassware, an old thermos bottle, videotapes, some books, and an old paint-spattered ladder.

*   A grandmother bought everything that she could think of that her grandchildren might like.  Of course, my knowledge of kid culture being limited, I was no help, except to encourage her a little.  She filled her trunk and a good part of her backseat, too.

*   Last sale, two different people showed up wanting to know if we were selling any slot-car racing sets.  Didn't know they were in such high demand.

*   Commonplace requests for merchandise include guns, knives, baby clothes and jewelry, of which we usually have none.

The neighborhood sale is slated to begin at 8:00 AM and last until 2:00 PM.  I plan to be open at 7:00, just to catch the early birds.  Those are often the ones who buy the most stuff, for fear it won't be there later.

Come one, come all.  And, in case I didn't mention it earlier, cash only, please.


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