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Friday, June 18, 2010

What's new

Now that I've finally completed a start-and-stop project for work I have a little time to post here and regale you with what's been happening on my end of the connection.  The answer, simply, is "not much."

But what will be happening next week should be something great.....I return from a business trip and about twenty minutes after my plane lands in Louisville (not my home airport of Lexington) our daughter and her family should also arrive, and I'll be bringing them back home with me for a visit that will last through July 5!

And we're going to have a huge DOUBLE baptism on July 3, so we should have a lot of fun with the little ones here (oh, and their parents, too).  Can't wait to see our Kentucky granddaughter and our Colorado grandson crawling all over the place!

But we have lots and lots of work to do to prepare, since I have to leave on that business trip on Monday.  Shopping, cleaning (carpets cleaned Wednesday, and just in the nick of time!), arranging furniture, changing out bed linens, you name it.  We're planning to be BUSY over the weekend!

Yesterday I played in a golf scramble put on by a professional association of which my company is a member.  Now, if you don't play golf, this will be lost on you, but the organizers somehow decided that the men should play from the back tees (the furthest from the hole) and the holes were placed in some of the most awkward and inaccessible places I've seen on this particular course.  It's a really great course, but making it harder for a "fun" event didn't make a lot of sense to me.  My associate actually decided to leave midway through her round when she saw that it was going to take a while.

And that was a good call, since my group took nearly SIX hours to play a round of golf.  I love the game of golf, but maybe not that much.

Wonder how Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson feel about golf this morning?  Both managed to complete their first round in the U.S. Open, "golf's toughest test," without a birdie between them.  I'd say they're not too happy, but it should be interesting to see if they channel that anxiety into better play today.

Have a good weekend and I'll try to report back on how our weekend went.


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