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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Profound apologies!

Good day, readers.....

In the last couple of days I have become aware of a problem with my blog, which is hosted through Google's Blogger portal.  For some reason I decided to visit my own blog, which I seldom do, and found that I was being randomly redirected to a number of sites in sequence.  Obviously, I found this very annoying, but I believe I've found the problem.

Some time ago I got curious about the number of users who visit this space, and added a "gadget" that counts hits.  From what I gather, that counter was loaded with malware than then caused viewers to be involuntarily redirected to useless search engines and other sites.

I removed the counter gadget this morning and I believe that all is now working.  If you're an occasional or frequent visitor and have had problems but are no longer experiencing these difficulties, please let me know with a comment that all is as it should be!

Sorry to be so oblivious to a problem!


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