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Friday, March 26, 2010

March Madness NOT confined to college basketball....

....but since it's important, let's start there today.  I didn't fill out an NCAA men's basketball championship bracket this year, and just as well, as most I've heard of are a complete shambles by now.  Kentucky's holding up its end of things nicely, what with an unglamorous victory over the feisty Big Red of Cornell late last night,  but Syracuse stumbled and lost last evening, and Kansas bit the dust over the weekend.  Should be interesting the rest of the way, if only because it's less easy to predict.

But the word "madness" has to apply to some of the more appalling acts that have been committed by those who cite love of country and such as the reason that they're breaking out windows at congressional offices, cutting gas lines at the homes of the brothers of legislators, and leaving quasi-obscene or threatening phone messages at congressmen's offices.  For the life of me, I don't understand what motivates anyone to do such things as the result of the passage of any legislation.  There's a way to respond to disagreeable legislation, no matter your political leanings, you know.  It's called an "election" and for the House of Representatives, they have one every two years where every member has to be reelected.  My personal opinion is that if ever there was a time for people to speak their minds through their ballots, we're fast approaching it.

And Sarah Palin was reported to be stumping for and with Sen. John McCain as he works toward reelection in his home state of Arizona.  If that doesn't relate to my "madness" theme, I don't know what does.

And there's a billboard in the middle part of Kentucky on I-65 that simply states, in huge letters, "HELL IS REAL."  Coincidentally, it's across the road from signage advertising an adult book store.  There's a fight about whether or not the billboard can be allowed under federal and state laws, and there's approximately $42 million in federal highway funds hanging in the balance.  Hmm....

And Lexington is again being plagued by a "peeping Tom" in the downtown area.  Saw something on the local news about this.  Solution?  How about closing your curtains or blinds, instead of advertising to a would-be voyeur that you're open for business?

But enough madness.

Nice story coming out of Shelby County, Kentucky, wherein a live-in nanny saved the life of the child for whom she was responsible, taking him out of a house while it was burning to the ground.  This, while being burned badly on her feet, legs and hands.  Bravo, young lady.

Guess I'll close before I get REALLY mad!


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