New Shoes in the Rain

Friday, December 16, 2016

Do not adjust your set

Good Friday morning to all of you.  Hope it's not too cold where you are!

Let's start there.  At the ripe old age of 56, I can confirm how much I HATE being cold.  I dislike being hot, have for virtually my whole life, but the hating to be cold is a more recent phenomenon.  After experiencing heart issues some years ago, I noticed how much more affected I was by cold temperatures, indoors or out.  Continues to this day.

Our grandson (the local little guy, not the one in Colorado) is following in his dad's footsteps, or should we say skate tracks, and has been involved in classes designed to teach kids how to play hockey.  He really likes it, too, and we went to the first couple of classes way back to encourage him, but now he routinely asks my wife or me if we are "coming to see me play hockey."  So we do.  Not so bad normally, but this stretch of classes has been held in a rink where there is no spectator area, so we stand at ice level watching.  And freezing.  Takes a good couple of hours for my hands and feet to feel normal again.

And our outside temps have been a lot like that the past couple of days, with daytime high temperatures in the low 20s.  Very cold for Kentucky.  It's 15 degrees right now, but today's high is predicted to be around 40, so that will seem like a veritable heatwave.

Crazy weather all over, it seems.  One of my dearest friends and I exchanged texts yesterday (belated happy birthday to you, kiddo!) and she reported from northern California that it was raining torrentially there.  That's a pretty rare occurrence in that locality, from what she's told me.

One thing that the cold helped with was that we just received a new refrigerator yesterday.  I may have mentioned this, but our ten-to-eleven-year-old model started developing some problems that appeared to relate back to the control board, the computer "brain" that controls everything.  I researched this a bit and when I saw that it was going to be several hundred dollars to replace, we decided to replace it.

Yesterday the guys from the selling dealer called to say they would arrive by a certain time, and we emptied out most of the stuff that would break or get damaged in moving the old fridge to the garage (and that's a story I'll tell below) so it went into a cooler and onto the back patio.  These guys came, measured, removed the front door, and CARRIED the old fridge to the garage, using a system that involved body harnesses and large straps that go underneath the item to be carried.  Looked like very little effort on their part, compared to what my son and I experience when we move furniture.  Same scenario when they brought the new item into the house and into the kitchen.  Neither touched the floor from about a foot from where the original item sat.  Simply amazing!

So after they left (they discovered a scratch on one of the door handles, so they will replace that) I ran water through the dispenser as directed to remove impurities in the filter and allowed the new item to make ice, which I just pitched this morning.

The old fridge is in our garage, and to my surprise, one of the technicians noted that old refrigerators tolerated that kind of usage very well, but newer ones do not, owing to the way that compressors now operate.  He advised that we keep an eye on it to make sure it was still working properly.

And we're also trying to figure out the best way to place it, as this is by far the largest, deepest item we've placed in our garage, aside from our cars, of course.  Right now it's out in front of my car, so I can open the right side refrigerator door, and partially open the freezer drawer.  Can't open the other side at all.  So I think we'll end up shifting it to the right just a bit, so that we can access everything all the time.  But that will create a chain-reaction of where to place the other items that were already along that back wall.  I'm sure we'll figure it out.

Not my time for devices lately, it seems.  I bought a monitor to go with my Macbook not long ago, liked the whole setup until the headphone jack, which I used to connect the entire setup to my speakers, worked and then didn't, and and over again.  So that went back.  I may get another monitor later, but I haven't quite decided yet.  And it's kind of messy with this particular Macbook as it's the newer one with a single USB-C port, so I have to use adapters to connect it to most anything.  Rather unsightly!

And over the past six weeks, I renewed our subscription to satellite radio for the cars (call me a sucker, but it's built-in to both cars, which are eleven and nine years old, respectively, so easier than paying to install USBs to connect our phones and listen to music that way) and shortly thereafter began to experience repeated signal drop-outs, but just in my car.  Tried refreshing the signal, that didn't help, so yesterday I did an online chat with a customer service rep and she gave me a number to their technical support line.  I refreshed it again while I was out (can't do the refresh in a garage, which may be why it didn't work before) and it seemed better, but I still lost my signal a handful of times.

Everything else seems to be working, for now.

With that I'll leave you and wish you a good last-weekend-before-Christmas


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