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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Seven days later....

....and we're all still here.

Of course, President-Elect Trump won't take office for several more weeks, but now we've seen a few telling things that indicate how things will be.

The first word that one could use, that HAS been used, is "unconventional."  This guy has no interest in how things have traditionally been done, and based on the recent purge from his "transition team," won't be pigeon-holed into making blah cabinet appointments and the like.

But the sheer lack of understanding of how this has to happen is pretty astounding.  There were reports that his son-in-law and chief adviser blurted out a question about "how many of these staffers will be staying once we take over" while visiting the White House last week.  I have ready unconfirmed items that no one from the Trump team has contacted several major arms of the government, including Justice.  And as one pundit so eloquently put it, Trump is prepared to hand out these positions like so many lollipops, but only to those who have been good.

But, as I noted at the outset, western civilization has not collapsed.  Yet.

Media guy Keith Olbermann will apparently continue his insurgency online.  He posted a video for the last 40 weekdays of the campaign for called "The Closer."  This morning he's set to start a new series of online commentaries called "The Resistance."

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore is also staying active, and will apparently continue to be so.

I think there's enough points of obstruction in Congress, particularly in the Senate, where blocking legislation has become an art form in the past ten years, that we can't get into too much trouble too quickly.  And if our new President-to-be attempts too many actions via executive order, some of those may be challenged, too.

And I think at this point we can all agree that the Electoral College is an antiquated and unnecessary element of national politics, since this is the second election in 16 years where there were different winners of the popular and electoral vote totals.

But in this country, we've always demonstrated an uncanny ability to go forward, not to be shackled to our past, whether we thought it was good or bad.  And I think we will this time.

Not much else to say on this.  Not yet, anyway.


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