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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Closer to normal

Greetings, friends.  I have not posted for a bit, because I began a new job not all that long ago.  And with that has come some, well, changes.

For one thing, I have a schedule now.  It's not a terribly rigid schedule, but after almost seven months of not having a specific calendar to follow, it's an adjustment.  The good news is that what I do and how I spend my time is still largely my decision and I am also again working from my home, which I have done for nearly twenty years.

To be fair, there are recurring events to attend for networking purposes.  The industry I'm now working in has geographic associations of service providers, and I have event for five or six of these geographic areas.  So that provides a little structure.  But unlike my previous position, where there were probably ten to fifteen meetings per month that I had no role in scheduling, this is much more manageable locally.

After just a short time in this role I must say that I'm enjoying the change of pace.  Nearly everyone I've met has been unfailingly welcoming and open, and those who are the exceptions are less unpleasant and more noncommittal.  Again, different.

Enough about me.

A week from now, we'll know who our next President will be.  I don't know about you, but every time I think I've seen it all, something else comes along in this particular campaign.  The television networks have been accused of being "in the tank" for Hillary Clinton (well, all but Fox News) but I think it's in their best interests for the race to appear close and undecided until the last minute.

I won't rehash everything the FBI director and agents have or have not done that may influence the election's outcome.  Plenty of material on those subjects already exists.

The grumbling from Democrats is a little funny to me.  David Plouffe, who managed President Obama's campaign in 2012, reminded people that a similar thing happened to his candidate's apparent support four years ago.  Following Mitt Romney's infamous "47 percent comment," the Obama camp was riding high, but their poll numbers began to decline as the election drew closer.  And we know what happened there.

Last night the Vice-Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, former Massachusetts Governor William Weld, went on a cable news show largely to "vouch" for Hillary Clinton, saying it was high time that someone other than a known Democrat did so.  That party's Presidential candidate, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, apparently was quoted yesterday as saying that Clinton would likely face impeachment if elected, owing to her ongoing e-mail scandals.

It's a world gone mad, isn't it?

And tonight, either the Cleveland Indians or the Chicago Cubs will break a long drought and win the World Series.  I am a huge baseball fan, as all visitors here know, but have not watched continually.  My son and I were discussing it over the weekend and we're both appalled at the quantity of poor play and lack of hustle shown by both clubs.  Not running out ground balls.  Standing at home plate admiring a long drive, only to be held to a single after the ball didn't escape the park.  Failing multiple times, as last night, to call for a fly ball, extending innings for their opponents.

I have a preferred winner but will keep that to myself for now.

One more thing--it's early November and the high temperature here in central Kentucky is again going to exceed 80 degrees today.  Wow!


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