New Shoes in the Rain

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

S L O W L Y making progress

Good Tuesday morning, everyone.  Hope the weather in your neck of the woods has been agreeable lately.  Here in central Kentucky we've had a little of everything--rain, snow, wind, thunderstorms, sunshine and warmth.  And that was in the last three days!

Remember the old Tom Petty song, "The Waiting," wherein Petty sings that "the waiting is the hardest part?"  I'm here to tell you this morning that this is a true statement.  True in general, but particularly when you're conducting an all-out job search, it's especially true!

Granted, when I'm on the other side of the equation, and am charged with locating and hiring a good candidate to fill a job under my responsibility, I don't rush things, either, but I work pretty steadily until the situation is resolved.  From my current perspective of unemployment, though, it certainly feels as though no one gets in anything close to a hurry to fill a position, even if it's the most critical job in the company!

I think the worst part is when you interview with someone by phone, which is common when the employer and candidate are not in the same location, and they indicate to you that they will recommend their boss then have a discussion with you.  And they say something like "expect her call early next week."  Subjective, yes, but I think of early as Monday or Tuesday, not another week later!  And, of course, once you're in touch with that person, and they weakly apologize for how long it took, you can't express yourself and your frustrations at all!

Deep down, despite my current situation, I know how this works, as I noted earlier.  The process of finding a professional position takes time.  I read somewhere that it takes a month for every $10,000 of salary that you seek.  I certainly hope not!

Anyway, after a lot of what I would consider fruitless effort, I had five phone interviews over a three work-day period, and three of them could be realistic possibilities.  And since I don't discuss work, I won't elaborate, but they all revolve around my core industry of most of the past twenty years, which is much preferred.

I've already had a number of false starts and situations where I realized that a job I applied for would not be a good fit, so better to identify those before things progress.  I also have received a lot of unsolicited inquiries from employers (mostly insurers, actually) who claimed to have seen my resume online.  Twenty years ago I was flattered when I heard that, but now, not so much.

One of these days I'll detail some of my experiences with the unemployment office, as I visited there three times last week.  But I'll save that for another time.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I need to look at another online job board.  Wish me luck!


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