New Shoes in the Rain

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Happy week-before-Thanksgiving, everyone!

You know, it’s that day that comes between Halloween and Christmas, where we all gather with family and other loved ones and give thanks for our many blessings.  What, you forgot?  I know, it’s because of the rapid onset of Christmas music and decorations in the stores, in television commercials, and so on.

But it’s important, you know.

I’m particularly thankful this year because our daughter is coming home for a long weekend visit, bringing her two children.  Her hubby is staying at home to man the fort, so to speak, and to take care of their dog!  The traveling party arrives tonight (at midnight—long time from right now as I write this!) and departs very early Tuesday morning.   Quick turnaround, but it should be a wonderful visit.

And, yes, our clan will be celebrating Thanksgiving during their visit!

My wife and I aren’t sure what we’ll do on the actual Thanksgiving Day, a week from today.  My only stipulation to her is that we not be in a position to eat Thanksgiving dinner at Denny’s.

On top of the wonderful surprise of our daughter and grandchildren visiting (this fell together very recently, by the way, owing to an airfare sale), I’m taking off work starting tomorrow and will be away from the job all the way through the Thanksgiving weekend!  So I’m definitely looking forward to a break!

Hard to believe, but the college basketball season has already begun.  I had lunch with my sports announcer friend yesterday, and he’s in that annual stretch where the football season is winding down and basketball is getting underway.  Kentucky has won two games at home against minor opponents (I always think of these as “laboratory” games, wherein the coaches can experiment with different player combinations) and a rousing neutral court victory against archrival Duke Tuesday night.

The football season is nearing an end, as Kentucky plays a non-conference opponent at home Saturday night.  A good chance to end their current losing streak, it appears, but they’ve just announced a change at the quarterback position, so we shall see how much difference that actually makes.

My announcer friend and I were talking about presidential politics briefly yesterday, and we came to the conclusion that Donald Trump may be for real as a candidate.  Not so much because he’s such a great candidate, but it’s because his Republican rivals don’t appear to create that much excitement among the party and its members.  If that holds up, and we’re a long way from the nomination, and the Democratic race continues to be Hillary-Clinton-and-a-couple-of-guys, the general election campaign could be quite interesting.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I have some cleaning to do….


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