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Monday, October 12, 2015

Strange time of year

Good Monday, everyone.  Hope you had a good weekend.

I find this time of year to be a little disconcerting, particularly, as is often the case, when the Cincinnati Reds are not playing post-season baseball.  The regular season mercifully ended a week ago yesterday, and while there are playoff games going on right now, the Reds are done until the spring.  Couple that with a bye week for Kentucky's football team and there's something of a void to be filled, if those things interest you, as they do me.

I had a strange weekend.  Around 5:00 AM Saturday I was awakened with what I would describe as piercing pain all down my left leg.  It lasted about an hour, and finally subsided enough I could go back to sleep.  When I woke again, my leg was largely numb and my lower back ached significantly.

My wife has experienced symptoms similar to this due to two bulging disks in her back, but I have not had any significant problems like this.  As Saturday wore on the condition seemed to improve, or evolve, anyway.  Spent the rest of the weekend with my left foot numb and what felt like a cramp in my left calf that would not go away.  Both sensations are still with me as I write this morning.  Since it's not directly painful I feel that it should continue to improve with time, as it has done since this first presented itself early Saturday.  And let's hope there's not a next time!

Last week, if you'll recall, I wrote from a tire store and was in the midst of getting tires.  Turns out my car needed some suspension parts, too.  About double the original estimated expense, but worth it in the long run, I think.  I drove a bit on Friday and the car behaved much better than it had in some time.  But I also noticed that older pavement that has not been patched is often better than newer surfaces.  Is our national lack of attention to quality now filtering to road construction?

It's campaign season here in Kentucky, and we have the governor's race, plus all of the constitutional offices also up for election--secretary of state, attorney general, etc.  Even these races are rife with ugly attack ads and accusations of "he's just like Obama" and "we can't trust ____."  I suppose it's no great wonder why the best people no longer engage in politics.

Speaking of that, we're enjoying our trial subscription to Netflix and have begun watching "House of Cards."  Kevin Spacey OWNS the role he plays, and almost all of the other major characters are well written and acted.  But it's terrifying to think that what's depicted therein is accurate, as Bill Clinton himself says it is "99% of the time."  Yikes!

Oh, and if I were a Republican member of the House of Representatives, I wouldn't want to be Speaker of the House, either.

Back to Netflix, we've watched a couple of entertaining movies and noted that there are numerous episodes of many of the HGTV and Food Network shows that we regularly watch.  Could be helpful if and when we decide to eliminate cable.

That's enough for this relatively early hour.  Let's see what new trouble I can get into!


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