New Shoes in the Rain

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Credit where credit's due

Good morning to all.  Welcome to a rare Sunday morning post!

I've had a bit of a hectic schedule over the past week or so, but things appear to be getting back to normal now.  My wife returned safely from her trip to Colorado, albeit a bit delayed by severe weather in the Denver area last Tuesday.  And when she came home, she was fighting an upper respiratory disorder.  She is slowly getting better, but, of course, that takes time.

She told me that she experienced something that I never did during several years of frequent air travel--her plane and others in the airport complex that contained passengers had to be evacuated due to a tornado warning.  She said that she and her fellow passengers had to go down several flights of steps into a tunnel area for safety.

The weather here in central Kentucky is much more closely aligned with what we usually see in  And dry.  And when it rains, it storms.  Up until recently we have had wet conditions almost continually since March.  Not anymore.

Now some comments about good and poor customer service, which is something of a tradition in this blog.  Several recent experiences come to mind:

The first such is with my favorite supplier of "stuff," Colonel Littleton, LTD of Lynnville, Tennessee. You'll recall that I bought a new cellphone holster from the Colonel when I purchased my iPhone 6 Plus, and I liked it very much.  However, over time I noticed that the closure, which is a hole in the cover flap that a ball stud from the main body of the holster fits through, wasn't keeping the phone closed.  In fact, it looked like the leather was turned somewhat inside out.

Given their stellar reputation for service, I sent a photo of this with an e-mail to their customer service address, and within a day they had created a replacement piece for me (complete with my initials) and shipped it, along with a return label to send back my original.  The representative with whom I corresponded said that they wanted to see my original holster in person to understand what happened.  So they are most assuredly as good as their word, as the Colonel himself says that if you ever have a problem, just let us know and we'll take care of it.  They do!

Here's another good one.  Recently I bought a TwelveSouth HiRise charger base for my wife to use with her iPhone 6.  I wanted a gold one to match her phone and TwelveSouth makes this item in this color.  Got it a month ago, and it worked great.  Until she returned from her trip, that it.  Then it started giving a message via the phone saying that the charger wasn't "certified."  I did a little troubleshooting, but ultimately sent an e-mail to their customer service.  After a couple of followup questions they said they would send a replacement cable, which arrived yesterday.  And that fixed the problem.  Another satisfactory experience!

A third?  Here goes.....remember the story of Power Support and my wife's iPhone case and my iPad case?  Well, those folks are also as good as their word.  They gave a $90 credit for both items, which I will eventually put to good use....on other items.  And this was after both items were out of warranty!

On the downside, here's one you'll appreciate.  During our daughter's family's annual visit to Kentucky, we visited some shops in the little town of Berea, which is known for local crafts and such.  One shop featured a bottled food product we'd been having difficulty finding, so I bought three bottles, one for each household in our family.  Not long after returning to Colorado, our daughter noticed that the expiration date, on a small, faded label on the bottom of the bottles, had passed over a year earlier!  Needless to say, we all discarded this stuff.

But here's the took me to Berea last week, so I stopped by that shop.  The clerk first argued with me that they would have sold something expired, then said that "no one else complained" and THEN said that they don't carry that item any longer!  Hmmmm.....

Those are pretty good averages, I guess.  Three standouts and one really negative experience.

That's enough for a Sunday morning.  Enjoy what's left of your weekend!


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