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Friday, June 26, 2015

My kind of contest--thanks, Colonel!

Good Friday morning, friends....after a stormy night, the sun is shining here in central Kentucky, but it's going to be another hot day.  It IS summer, after all...

Just a couple of things to mention today.  I don't think I managed to bring this forward, but I upgraded my cellphone recently and am now the owner of an Apple iPhone 6 Plus.  In case you're been out of contact with the tech world for the last few months, that's Apple's answer to the "phablet" that had been introduced by Samsung, LG and other cellphone makers.  Much larger than a standard smartphone, but not quite as big as a small tablet.  I had been thinking about this for a while and decided to give it a try, knowing that I could return it if needed.

I've had it for two weeks now, and like it very much.  My wife helped me look for protective cases and together with the electronics store rep who handled my transaction we found a transparent soft-touch cover that is nice and grippy but not too thick.

The next obvious step was to order a holster for this phone from Colonel Littleton, my go-to supplier of all things related personal items and other such goods.  My holster arrived in short order, was perfect in every way, and had the usual Colonel Littleton touches that make their items so terrific.  The holster does a great job of balancing this bigger phone on my belt, preventing it from banging into my hip and allowing quick and easy access without overfilling my pants pockets!

So the only thing that this creates is the question of whether or not I need/want to have this larger phone AND a tablet.  For now, I want both, but this may evolve into something else.  I already answered the other related question--what should I do with my OLD Colonel Littleton phone holster, which fit my smaller iPhone 5?  I decided to redeploy it as a case for a headset I keep in the car for conference calls and the like.  Perfect fit, too!

Speaking of the Colonel, a couple of weeks prior to Father's Day, his Twitter feed (and other sources, I'm sure, although I'm not on Facebook) made mention of a contest in which folks were invited to share photos and stories of their "stellar dads."  Stellar is a kind of buzzword for the Colonel and his folks, as the correct exchange is as follows:  "How's your conduct?"  "Stellar."

Anyway, I entered with a tweet in which I related the most important lesson I received from my dad, that of being on time, all the time.  Still live by those words, and my family can attest to this, as my insistence on punctuality drives them crazy at times.  My tweet was retweeted and favorited by the Colonel's Twitter account, so that entered me into the contest.  By the way, the grand prize was the Colonel's shave kit (check that item out at if you're curious, I saw it in their store a while back and it's very nice!), so I was hoping I would be the lucky winner.

But I wasn't.  Another entrant was chosen, and I was glad that someone would get to enjoy that great shave kit.  A couple of days later I got a very nice e-mail from someone with the Colonel's operation, asking for my initials and mailing address.  The note said that I would be receiving a small gift from the Colonel, in appreciation for my entry.

It came yesterday--a very nice leather strap key ring, which I can easily attach to a belt, my briefcase or hang as I like.  Here's a link to the item:

So it replaced another key ring I bought a few years ago from the Colonel, which I'll use for spare keys and such.  This new one will be part of my everyday carry ensemble!

Nice when the week ends on a high note, isn't it?


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