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Monday, December 15, 2014

Ever closer

Friends, we are FAST approaching Christmas and that means that everyone is really rushing around, getting things done, crossing items off their Christmas shopping lists, going to parties, and so on.  Let's all make a pact that we'll be patient and tolerant of others.  Makes things so much nicer, don't you think?

My wife and I visited a handful of retail establishments over the weekend, and while many were crowded, the patrons were still well-behaved, and there was no apparently fighting over limited quantity items or close parking spaces.  Yet.

I want to pause for a moment and thank those who contacted me with such positive comments about my most recent post.  Always nice to hear from those who read and enjoy this blog!  If you have comments, whether positive or negative, don't be bashful about sharing!

I made it through a particularly trying week last week.  Lots of travel and a lot of events scheduled, but here I am, safe and sound.  This week stands to be busy, too, but less traveling to go with it.  The good with the bad, right?

I'm still enjoying my experimentations with Spotify, by the way, but I cannot see myself ever paying for this service, which a good many people do.  Great way to listen to a few things that I either used to own but no longer do, or was undecided about whether to add to my collection.  And the sound quality is pretty good, so there's that.  Right now I'm listening to a new album (yes, they're still ALBUMS to me) by the stalwart Neil Diamond.  I heard a few songs from this on his SiriusXM channel recently and they were pretty good (first original songs in some years, apparently).

Speaking of music, we had two musical experiences yesterday.  First, our two "local" grandchildren (not to be confused with those from the Colorado branch of the family!) have been participating in a music program called "Music and Moves."  They seem to have enjoyed it quite a bit, and their instructor held a recital of all of her students, and they were both a part of it, and my wife and I were on hand, too.  Great fun, and nice to see kids really enjoying and connecting with music!

The second such opportunity was a University of Kentucky-based event last night, involving voice students, a youth chorus, a pretty funky brass band and a couple of immensely talented soloists who appeared as guest performers.  This was held in what many years ago was the "furniture block" of Lexington, turned into an enclosed shopping mall (with only limited success) a few years ago.  There are numerous levels to the atrium area where this was held, and the performers were even stationed on different levels.

Seating for this even was at such a premium that we all (our son and his family, in addition to my wife and myself) wound up sitting on a stairwell a level above the main orchestra area and watched it on a large television monitor.  I have to confess that I don't normally enjoy sitting on the steps watching TV, but this was worth the effort!

I hope that I just got over my holiday cold.  Came upon me about nine days ago, with the usual suspects (runny then congested nose, cough, etc.).  Based on my most recent experience and others in the recent past, I am now a firm believer in the power of saline.  Whether you apply this with a simple squeeze bottle, the aerosol variety or a Neti pot, it works.

OK, now that I've provided perhaps a little too much information, I'll close for today.  Have a fabulous week!


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