New Shoes in the Rain

Monday, November 17, 2014


Good morning, gang.  It's snowing here in central Kentucky.  The weather forecasters are calling for anywhere between a dusting and a couple of inches of the white stuff.  And it's the middle of November. So I suppose in that respect, this morning's title is a bit of a misnomer, as I would definitely NOT classify today's weather as anything remotely resembling an upgrade!

One thing that certainly is an upgrade is this year's Kentucky basketball squad.  So loaded with talent is his team that Coach John Calipari has divided the ten best players into two "platoons," and thus far he has substituted these groups as a unit (five players at a time).  The team hasn't really played anyone but that will change when they meet Kansas this week.  So I suppose we'll see how well this works out long-term.

The same cannot be said for Kentucky's fading football team.  After getting off to a fast start at 5-1, the team has now lost five straight games, with each loss seemingly worse than the last.  Saturday they lost for the umpteenth time in Knoxville to the University of Tennessee by a whopping margin.  The team appears to be trying but they simply don't have enough player depth to remain competitive and from my viewpoint are playing as though they're tired.  Which they most likely are.  Reinforcements are coming but not until next season, so the best news now is that they get a week off before trying to regroup in two Saturdays and compete against in-state rival Louisville (which has its own problems, since they'll be visiting an angry Notre Dame team that lost at home in overtime to an unranked Northwestern squad).

My wife and I are off and running with our Christmas shopping.  For you wet blankets who start in July this is not a big thing, but we have about 1/4 of the shopping completed and it's not even Thanksgiving.  Still in a quandary about Christmas cards this year (yes, we're old-fashioned enough to still do that), as we haven't seen many we like.  Yet.

I bought myself a present last week, purchasing a new Apple iPad Air 2.  I had decided to see about selling my venerable third-generation iPad on Craigslist, but only got a couple of nibbles.  But I noticed that a national electronics retailer (no names, remember) was offering trade-ins and I went to see about it and got what I would consider to be a worthwhile allowance for my old device.

In selecting the new iPad, I opted for 128 gigabytes of storage, as I didn't want to outgrow this device or have to come up with workarounds.  And I got the "space grey" color, which means the frame around the screen is black, just like the original (I'm a creature of habit, certainly).  The new device is decidedly thinner, lighter and faster than its predecessor, and the same was true of that device, too.  I'm enjoying it immensely, and it's usually close at hand when I'm here at home.  I may opt to use it more in my work, but I've tried that in the past with mixed results.

My biggest regret in trading up is that I can no longer use my former iPad's companion, a No. 4 Docker from Colonel Littleton.  That item is a leather play-in case that proved to be very functional and provided good protection, too.  But I have my original No. 5 Pocket to store the new guy in, so it's all good.

And I just got a teeny-tiny flash drive to use with my Macbook Pro, thereby expanding its storage capacity by 50%.  Haven't opened it up yet, but it's supposed to operate using the USB 3.0 technology, which means I should be able to access whatever data I store there quickly and efficiently.

That's about all from command central this morning.  Make your week an upgrade!


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