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Monday, October 27, 2014

Up on the roof

Good Monday morning, campers!  It was a beautiful weekend here in central Kentucky. The great weather began around Thursday and was spectacular all the way through to today.  Fall is indeed here, with just a little cool in the air.  Gonna be cooler still later in the week, they tell me.

Today's post is so titled because I spent a couple of hours on my roof yesterday.  No, I haven't gone completely around the bend, I just needed to finish a project I started last weekend.  I don't like to paint, which I think I have adequately documented here previously, but I can do it and do a decent job of it.  Home ownership these past 25+ years has made me develop at least tolerable skills in this area (and others, of course), and I'm not about to spent $1000 for someone to do what I can do passably myself.

So this painting project was the exterior trim.  Didn't need to paint the garage or entry doors, I had done those in the last couple of years.  No, we're talking about the frame around those doors, plus all of the windows.  And, yes, we still have old-style wood windows, the kind that require some maintenance.  Ten years ago I noticed some rot on a couple of the sills and had a handyman locate and install some metal sleeves that fit over those sills.  No more rot.  And he also used PVC to clad a couple of other windows, so they're in good shape as well.

Despite these efforts, these things need to be painted every few years, and I had put it off too long.  So last weekend I did everything within easy reach--ground level.  There was one window, on the front of the house, that required me to use a ladder, but that wasn't difficult.

Yesterday's effort required me to exit one of the upstairs bedroom windows and traverse the top of our roof to get to the other bedroom window.  I stood on the roof painting each window in turn until completed, then leaned out of the exit window to paint the sill and other parts that I needed to leave alone until I reentered the house.  And I successfully tilted in the sash (they all say that's possible, and it is, in theory, as I only had that one try to come loose once) from that window to paint it.

I'm sure the neighbors behind us are relieved, as they're about the only people who ever see these two windows.  I'm just glad it's done.  My next painting project may be to paint our stairwell, and you can just imagine all of the acrobatics that will require!

Couple of pieces of news to mention--all readers here know that I am not fond of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team.  They're the nemesis of my Cincinnati Reds.  But I feel badly for them today, as a young outfielder for the club, Oscar Taveras, was killed in an auto accident in his native Dominican Republic over the weekend.  He was only 22 years old.

And Kentucky played football on national television Saturday, faltering only near the end of a good game against the number one team in the country, the Bulldogs of Mississippi State University.  UK was within a touchdown and tried an onside kick that failed and allowed MSU to score another touchdown, icing the game.  But our team showed that they're making strides toward being competitive, and that's all a fan can hope.

Keeping both feet on the ground today.  Shouldn't be a problem!


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