New Shoes in the Rain

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A big week

Greetings, all.  Rainy Tuesday morning here in central Kentucky, but we appear to have escaped the more severe weather that has struck areas south of here thus far.  But we're under a significant chance of rain for the next several days, so not out of the woods yet.

The cavalry has arrived in my job, as I now have three new folks who have received their initial training and are somewhat prepared to go out and do their new jobs.  This is great news for me, as I've been wearing a lot of hats over the past couple of months, just to keep things moving in a positive direction.

Playoff baseball continues to be fascinating.  In the American League this year, we have no Yankees or Red Sox or Rangers, none of the usual players.  The Baltimore Orioles, who have not played in a World Series since 1983, will face off against the Kansas City Royals, who've not done so since 1985 (if you're interested, both of them won the last times they went to the Series) for the right to go to this year's World Series.  Each swept their first round opponent, and Kansas City had to win a one-game wild card playoff in order to qualify for that.

In the National League it's a little more what we're used to seeing, as the Dodgers, Cardinals and Giants are all still alive, as most have been for the past several years.  The Washington Nationals are back in the postseason after a one year absence, and the two division series are at two games to one so far.  As one might expect.

I find it endlessly interesting how many teams divert from winning strategies that got them to this point (failing to "dance with the one who brung you," in slang terms) at this time of the year.  Managing a baseball team has to be the hardest head coaching job in pro sports, as so many decisions rest solely with the manager, and he has to trust his information as well as his instincts.  And they often disagree with one another!

My wife and I are embarking on a nice little getaway later in the week, traveling to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  We will sleep in, shop, eat, sightsee and spend some quality time with a very good friend who'll be visiting the area for a wedding.  Even though the weather probably won't be ideal (predicted  chances of thunderstorms during our stay) we should still have a great time!

That's all for now.  Enjoy your week!


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