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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Early December musings

Good morning's hoping you had a nice Thanksgiving.  I know that my family and I did.

Lots of assorted stuff in the news....

Seems that certain kinds of stories come in bunches, and with the train derailment outside of New York City over the weekend I was reminded of this.  Third major derailment incident in recent memory, although one was in Europe.  But it was reported that the train was going about 80 as it approached a curve that required a much lower safe speed.  No way to know what was happening, neither you or I were there.  But a shame nonetheless, four people dead, many others injured.

I also took note of a story that actor Paul Walker, known for his role in the recurring "Fast and Furious" movie franchise, died in a car crash.  Lots of conflicting information on this, as well.  But an actor who's probably best known for playing a high-performance driver on screen dying in an auto accident is most ironic indeed.

Oh, and did you know that racism has ended?  According to the Republican National Committee, Rosa Parks ended racism when she refused to move to the back of the bus all of those years ago.  I think we've all heard enough revisionist history to call BS on this one.

Kentucky's football season has mercifully ended, 2-10 record, just like last year.  Fans hope that the cavalry (in the form of additional, more talented players) is coming in time for next year.  We shall see.

Despite the fact that the World Series ended over a month ago, baseball manages to still be in the news, if you're looking for that kind of news.  Mostly concerning contract issues this time of year, and the "winter meetings," where team officials meet mostly to discuss official rules changes but unofficially meet to discuss trades and free agent signings, are coming soon.  And this Friday and Saturday my Cincinnati Reds host their annual winter fan event, Redsfest.  It's a sort of fan convention with activities and meet-and-greet opportunities included.  Fun, but tiring because of the difficulty in navigating through the large crowds and smallish aisleways.  My son and I have been twice in the past, were supposed to attend on a third occasion but for my first kidney stone!

The house is decorated for Christmas, we've finished about 2/3 of our shopping and the Christmas cards have been mailed.  No time to take it easy, though, we all have less time after Thanksgiving than usual.  So if you haven't started your holiday preparations, you had better get busy!


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