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Friday, August 16, 2013

Latest and greatest

Friends, I kind of went back to the future today.  Concluding my third week in my new position, which is office-based, but since last Friday our office was like a ghost town, with virtually everyone deciding to work from home, I gained permission to do the same.

And it's just a little strange to be back here at home, in my home based office that I occupied for ten years.  New job yet so familiar.  Lucky that it's not entirely foreign to me, I suppose!

Enough of that.  Lots going on in the world that warrants comment.

My heart truly goes out to the people of Egypt.  Whichever side of the dispute you come down on, and I frankly can't quite decide who's right and who's wrong, you have to feel for a nation that by all outward appearances is tearing itself to shreds.  Death, extensive injuries, complete chaos and not much in the way of order is no way for anyone to live.

I also have been astounded, as I always am, at the heroism of the brave men and women who put themselves in harm's way to attempt to protect property and communities from deadly and unpredictable wildfires.  There are quite a number burning right now, mostly in the western states, but what these people attempt to do, and often succeed in doing, is remarkable and should not be overlooked.

Everyone who reads this space regularly knows that I'm a huge baseball fan, and I have to say that I was totally fooled by Alex Rodriguez ("A-Rod"), the ailing third baseman of the New York Yankees.  When he arrived on the scene as a skinny teenaged shortstop for the Seattle Mariners, I thought he was something special.  But as time went on and his accomplishments were gradually tempered with the knowledge that he, as so many other prominent major leaguers of the past fifteen years, was using performance-enhancing drugs to increase his productivity, I lost all respect.  So imagine my astonishment that he recently threatened Major League Baseball with a lawsuit if their recently assessed 211 game banishment (which Rodriguez is appealing) isn't rescinded.  I read last night that it's been strongly suggested that he gave up other players' names in an attempt to save himself, or at least lessen his punishment, and that's wrong, too.  No way to know how this plays out, but it cannot go away soon enough.

And don't look now but my Cincinnati Reds have won five games, and closed to within 2.5 games of the lead in the National League Central Division.  Despite their excellent win-loss record, the Reds haven't been this close to the lead in a while.  Should be fun to watch a three-team dogfight between the Redlegs, St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates down the stretch.

And we're excited here in central Kentucky about our up-and-coming football team.  They may not win many more games than last year's group, but with an all-new coaching staff, new offensive and defensive schemes and a great new attitude, they stand to be more compelling that last year's team.

That's good for the moment.  Have yourself a good weekend!


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