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Friday, August 23, 2013

I love

I’m dating myself with this, but there was a modestly popular song back in the early to mid-70’s by a journeyman country singer/songwriter named Tom T. Hall by the name that today’s post also bears.  His tune went through a list of what he liked about his life and life in general, and each verse ended with “and I love you, too.”  All very nice.

Driving to work one morning this week, that tune popped into my head, and I thought, how great would it be if we ALL took a few minutes to think about the aspects of our lives that are good and positive and uplifting….people and things and circumstances that we LOVE.  So here goes, without an effort to rhyme or set to music:

I love:

My wife

My kids

Their families, but especially THEIR kids

My friends (well, some of them, anyway)


Cincinnati Reds baseball

Golf (playing more than watching)

University of Kentucky basketball and football

Movies (my tastes are well documented here and in my profile)

Music (ditto)

A good book, one that you cannot put down

Now, a few of the everyday things that I find that I love….

Preparing a delicious meal for my wife and others

Mowing my lawn and being happy with the way it looks

Hearing my grandchildren laugh

Hearing my wife laugh at something I’ve said or done

An ice cold beer at the ballpark with my son

Talking with my daughter on the phone, keeping her close even though she’s really not nearby

A friendly wave to let you into the line in traffic

Positive acknowledgement that you’ve done the same for another driver

A quick “thank you” when you hold the door for someone

Friendly food servers, cashiers, customer service folks

The way that my Apple products work (can’t quite identify why this is, but it feels good)

Life is good, friends.  Enjoy it.


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