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Monday, July 15, 2013

Great comebacks

Greetings, we are, halfway through July already.  I suppose I'm showing my age in saying this, but the time certainly does seem to fly lately.

Are you excited that Twinkies and other Hostess products are making their return to store shelves?  "The greatest comeback in the history of....ever!" is their slogan.  Not sure if I agree, but I'll pick up a package sometime soon.  I never loved Twinkies, but was a little nostalgic when it appeared that the brand was going away forever.

Not a comeback, but how about Kentucky's own Kenny Perry, winning his second consecutive major golf tournament on the Champions Tour.  He was the winner of the U.S. Senior Open, played in steamy Omaha, Nebraska.  I didn't watch a great deal of it, but, as he often does, he looked pretty cool despite the weather and the pressure of the competition.

My Cincinnati Reds could certainly use a comeback.  As it stands now they'd qualify for one of the two  playoff spots available to "wild cards," but based on the way they've played in the past four or five weeks it doesn't feel like it's been going that well.  The boys need to start hitting to pick up the slack and start winning some games, so here's hoping those bats come back.

Do you pay attention to what's happening in the movie business, even when you're not motivated to go to the theater to see what's new?  Somehow I started paying attention to the "scoreboard" of ticket sales, and am continually amazed at what people do and don't go to see.  For instance, I would NOT have thought that the animated movie "Despicable Me" was so popular as to prompt a sequel, but it was and it did.  And that picture is mopping up at the box office.  Kid friendliness counts, I would think.  Another surprise sequel, "Grown Ups 2," also did very good business at the box office last weekend.  At the expense of some other pictures, it would seem.  We made it out to see "Iron Man 3," "Star Trek Into Darkness," and "Man of Steel," all of which were either sequels or revamped existing concepts (or both).  That's the way the movie business is, I guess.  Nothing wildly original sees the light of day among major studios anymore.  And that's a shame.

Finally, I have a bit of personal news in the way of comebacks....after being separated (I really don't like that word, but it's accurate from a legal standpoint) from my previous job in mid-June, I received an offer of employment late last week from a very good organization.  We're working out the details but it looks like I'll join that organization sometime late in July.  How about that?


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