New Shoes in the Rain

Friday, January 25, 2013

Just saying

Greetings, all.....snow and cold has struck central Kentucky overnight, making a mess of roads and the morning commute.  Not that it affects me, since I work at home.  A number of school systems here in my home area had already cancelled school for today in an effort to be proactive and safe, and it looks as though they were right.

So Kentucky's very young basketball team lost another one, this time on the road at Alabama on Tuesday night.  They're not world-beaters this year, by any stretch of the imagination.  But what I find puzzling and even a little troubling is that there have been comments posted online in various places I visit talking about the "sad state of Kentucky basketball."  Remember, Kentucky's team won the NCAA men's basketball championship LAST YEAR.

Suppose that there are NFL cities where the same thing is happening, as it's going to be the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens clashing in this year's Super Bowl (I have no idea what number it is).  Already sick of Ray Lewis and his histrionics during and after their dramatic victories, and I imagine I'll be sick of both teams and both coaches before the game is even played.  We generally go all-out for the Super Bowl and have a family party, often using the home city of one of the teams as a menu inspiration.  But short of having crab cakes and Rice-a-Roni (you remember, the San Francisco treat?), I don't know what we might have that day.

Speaking of being "already sick," I've picked up another respiratory ailment, having apparently shaken hands with the wrong person or the wrong doorknob on a business trip.  Gave it to my wife before I knew I had it, which is especially bad, since she was an innocent bystander.  This one appears to be a head cold, and we're not quite at a week, so I'm coping.

The U.S. State Department is having its leadership transition play out in front of the cameras this week, as outgoing Secretary Hillary Clinton testified before committees of both houses of Congress this week.  Things got really contentious at times, and ridiculous at others.  The most glaring example of absurdity was when Kentucky's junior Senator Rand Paul (son of perennial presidential candidate and former Congressman Ron Paul) asked Clinton about arms deals with Turkey and said that if he had been President when the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya occurred that he would have relieved her of her post.  Let's just say that Senator Paul's statement was designed to help him more than hurt her.

I should add that John Kerry, President Obama's nominee to replace Clinton as Secretary of State, is being considered by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a committee that he chaired until VERY recently, so that's not really a big deal and most experts agree that Kerry will be confirmed easily.

Had a day trip this week to Knoxville, Tennessee.  Now, I admit I'm biased as a Kentucky man and a University of Kentucky fan that Knoxville (home of the University of Tennessee Volunteers) would not be a favorite place to visit, but I'm going to allow that I just haven't visited the "good" parts of that city.  Ever.  The inside of the airport is pretty nice, as I was marooned there by a diverted flight a couple of years ago for several hours.  If you know of nice areas of Knoxville, I'm all ears.

One more business trip next week and I plan to write about a recent acquisition that's a big part of my travel equipment.  I know, you're all on pins and needles!


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