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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The week that was (no, LAST week)

Greetings, friends, long time, no write.  Been a little busy.  Oh, not with work, at least not THAT busy.

No, my wife and I returned to Kentucky (home of the 2012 NATIONAL CHAMPION KENTUCKY WILDCATS) last Sunday from our travel-by-car vacation to Colorado to visit our daughter's family for a week and to spend some quality time with our older granddaughter on her spring break week!

Quite a trip, I must say.  It had been almost seven years since we had driven out to Colorado (the year our granddaughter was born actually), and a few things changes along the way and in our daughter's adopted home area:

There are now more gas stations along I-70 in Kansas, but there are still significant stretches without services, which is enough to cause most anyone sweaty palms if they didn't fill up sooner.

We never paid $4 per gallon for gas.  But we DID pay $3.99 9/10 per gallon twice, which is just as bad.

Some enterprising soul (or two or six or fifteen) in Kansas has decided to construct a wind farm, which makes a great deal of sense, since the wind is pretty constant on the high plains.  Plus it gives the bored motorist and his passengers something to look at during the trip.

There are still lots of people who shouldn't drive on interstate highways until they pass a proficiency examination.

Arthur Bryant's in Kansas City is still the BEST barbecue I've had.  Anywhere.  Ever.  But there's a place in Parker, CO called the Hickory House (with locations in Aspen and Florida) that's also pretty darned good.

The Denver area has a LOT of great parks, museums, a wonderful zoo and lots more to offer.  Other municipal governments could learn a thing or two....

This was my first trip to the Denver area for any reason where significant stretches of I-25 within the Denver metro area weren't disrupted by road construction.

I love Tony's in Castle Rock.  Best meat market (and specialty grocery) I've yet visited.  And the butchers there know what they're doing and what they're talking about, too.

Watching a meaningful Kentucky basketball game away from home just isn't as much fun.

Well, duty calls, as I have a conference call to attend before boarding a flight for Atlanta, and then homeward from there.


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