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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Road wearier

I'm home, and thank God for that.  Between business travel and a week of vacation in late March, I've been on the road every week for, oh, I don't even know how long.

I'm scheduled for a week at home next week.  For now, but that could change.

And I will try very hard here and now NOT to fill this space with rants about how awful it is to travel, etc.  You get that.  From me, often here.

Let's just say that some people that I encounter in my extensive travels don't play well with others.  Rude, inconsiderate, ignorant of the rules and generally making the act of traveling much harder for all.

But I don't want to discuss that.

I'd like to discuss the nicer folks I've encountered over the past few weeks.  Like the desk clerk at the Marriott in Columbia, SC this week....she absolutely could not have been more helpful, and she clearly sensed that I was pretty wiped out by the time I got to her hotel.  Thanks.

Or the ticket counter agent at Delta Airlines in my home airport in Lexington, who apologized for not seeing me sooner when I dropped my bag off to be checked.  I was standing there about ten seconds, and yet he apologized.  Nice.

Or the delightful server my group and I encountered at Mary Mahoney's, a traditional restaurant in Biloxi, Mississippi where I hosted a mixed group of colleagues, clients and others.  Our server was a very personable young woman who didn't appear sturdy enough to handle the large trays of food she and other kept bringing to us.

By the way, if you like coastal cuisine, I highly recommend the restaurant above.  Founded in the late 1700's, the place has endured many storms and hurricanes (watermarks displayed prominently marking the occasions) and keeps on going.  The room where our party was seated was just reopened this spring, having been closed following Katrina.

Back to my courtesy shout-outs.  Let's give one to one of the administrative coordinators at the recent Mississippi Workers' Compensation Educational Conference, where my company was exhibiting.  For some reason she didn't have my name recorded as an attendee, but, no problem, she corrected that and produced my very own printed name tag.  Other events could and should take lessons from them.

And while we're at it, my wife and I dined out on Sunday, and were served by a very friendly fellow who was uber-efficient and courteous to the end.  We'll ask for him again.

So, you see, good customer service and common courtesy isn't gone yet.  But it's scarce.


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