New Shoes in the Rain

Monday, March 12, 2012

Strange days

Morning, all.  No particular theme today, but that's often the case around here.  Raining today, but the sun's going to shine tomorrow, they say.

I was horrified to hear of an American soldier going door to door firing an automatic weapon on innocent civilians in Afghanistan over the weekend.  In my view, that's proof that our forces have been there too long and that it's time to leave nation-building to those whose nation it is--the Afghan people.

The item above will, I'm sure, be termed a failure of the Obama administration by the four lesser minds who seek the Republican nomination for President.  They're all in the South arguing about who's had grits in the past or who says "y'all" as a part of his normal speech patterns.  Oh, and it's Mitt Romney's 65th birthday today, so he's one step closer to that much needed government retirement and healthcare.

Peyton Manning's looking for a job.  He appears to have good qualifications, though his physical fitness may be in question.  Interested parties may contact ESPN, as they will be sure to pass the word to Mr. Manning and his representatives.   Goodness knows that they've invested a great deal of themselves in this story (but they have to, since Brett Favre has remained retired).

Tiger Woods may have to consider another line of work after injuring himself yet again while playing competitive golf.  Who said that golfers aren't athletes?  Kidding aside, I feel bad for the man, as his body continues to betray him despite extensive effort to build muscle and prepare physically for the stresses he puts on his physique on the course.

Kentucky's men's basketball team lost but won yesterday....lost the finals of the largely meaningless Southeastern Conference Tournament (which is played for monetary reasons only, in my estimation), but still won the overall #1 seed in the NCAA tournament ("March Madness," for you trademark fans).  And they get to play their first two games (if they win the first, of course) in Louisville, about 75 miles away.  But a lot of Kentucky fans are complaining that our team, once again, has the toughest road to the Final Four.  Whatever.  Gotta play the games, regardless of how the brackets shape up.

Did you see where Raquel Welch decried the heavy emphasis on sex in today's society?  Just a little disingenuous, I think.

What, exactly, is the point of the Ellen DeGeneres J.C. Penney commercials?  I know that Penney is trying to turn over a new leaf in retailing (their CEO used to head retail operations for Apple, which REALLY knows a thing or two about operating retail stores), but I don't get it.

Speaking of Apple, they rolled out their new iPad last week.  I want it, and make no apologies for that being so.  My wife is encouraging me to upgrade if I can sell my original model, so that's what I'm trying to do.  I cannot be accused of not doing my bit to stimulate our economy, you know.

If you even kind of like the music of Bruce Springsteen, pony up the $12.99 or so to buy his latest record, "Wrecking Ball."  Modern populist music with a folk sensibility, done only as the Boss can.  It's a great listen, a little uneven and ragged in spots, but I think that's deliberate.

Mission accomplished, random thoughts committed to the ether, so now it's time to get to work.  Have a good week.


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