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Friday, March 23, 2012

Before I go....

My wife and I are heading out to Colorado on vacation, leaving later today.  We're driving, so that's always quite an adventure.  And I've had another hectic week leading up to our departure.

I was out of town Monday through Wednesday for business, but that was a successful trip, punctuated only by a flight delay on my last flight Wednesday and then a luggage claim delay (so much for Sky PRIORITY, Delta).  Since then we've been doing what anyone does before leaving for vacation, but, along with that, we aerated, seeded and fertilized our backyard, which I had done to the front yard before leaving for my business trip.

Our days in Colorado will be spent with our six-year-old granddaughter, who'll be on spring break next week.  We'll be taking her out to do some fun things with Gram and Poppy, and she'll decide a lot of it.  But that hasn't stopped us from asking for input from her mom about where she likes to go, eat, stuff to do, etc.

Also asked a good friend and well-traveled golf sage for course selection advice, and he mentioned one course in particular that's positioned between two prisons and near a brewery.  But he added that it's a great course, so there's that.  Not sure how much time I'll have to play more than once, but the clubs are going with us, just in case.....

The other thing is to try to disconnect completely from work while we're away.  That's kind of difficult, since my work cellphone is actually my ONLY cellphone.  It's a BlackBerry, so that means that the flashing red light portends news of various kinds, and I have to try to discipline myself not to peek, at least not too often.  Last time we visited with our daughter and her family was right before Christmas, and something broke on the Friday we were there and I was trying to resolve something that should never have involved me.  Didn't go as well as it would have if I'd been working, of course, but I also think it would have worked itself out without my help.  So that's my mantra until April 3.

I've already deactivated the work e-mail account on my iPad for the same reason.

Speaking of that, I bought the new iPad.  Impressive, and, no, I haven't burned my hands using it yet.  What I keep reading is that people are doing intense 3-D gaming for hours on end, and that's the overheating cause.  That, and the inability to simply put the thing down for a while.  I've also been amused that so many people are using it on cell networks that they're burning through their data limits in short order.  Mine is wi-fi only, thanks, so no problems there.  But the new device is a nice step forward from my first generation model, thinner, lighter, MUCH brighter and more vivid display.  When this thing came out, I'd say that the folks at other companies who make tablets probably just sighed.

Kentucky plays tonight at 9:45 PM EDT, so I know we'll stop for the night in time for that.  Wish us luck in our travels.....


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