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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Work to do

In addition to the work that my employer pays me to do, it appears I have a few things pending here at the ranch.

For instance, my wife and I have been talking about painting our home's interior for some time, as the last go-round for the main level was about eight years ago.  Thankfully, our trim is in pretty good shape, and I am usually able to resist getting handprints on the ceilings, so they're OK, but that leaves the walls.  To be fair, I stripped the wallpaper from the kitchen walls within the last two years and painted what was newly exposed, and the upstairs bedrooms have been painted within the last eighteen months as well.  But the downstairs, where we do virtually all of our living, is looking, well, lived-in.  So we're about to start the painting process.

I'm in pretty good practice, as I helped our son repaint the main level of his house in anticipation of the arrival of his son in May.  So I should be able to get right into the swing of things.  And we even picked out a paint color we think we like, so we'll start with a gallon of that and paint things like hallways first, just to see how we like it.

This is present in my mind because we made a trip to Lowe's late yesterday afternoon and bought stuff like masking tape, drop cloths and wall patching compound.  But that will wait for at least a couple of weeks.

Also on the list is some edging for our backyard plant beds.  We redid the beds in the spring and early summer with much success, but didn't provide any kind of edging.  So the mulch we so conscientiously placed in each of the beds is slowly sliding into the yard, and we can't have that.  So it looks like I need to buy or rent an edging machine and address that.  Boy, can't you just feel the excitement over that one?

And finally and more pressing is our carpet.  We have a number of areas that are what I would call "recurring dull stains" that always look just a little darker than the rest of the carpet.  And it's not a path per se, it's patchy and spotty.  My theory is that I used a pre-treating solution when we first bought our current carpet cleaning machine and that I never was able to get it all the way out of the carpet.  So dirt and dust sticks to it, thus discoloring the carpet.

I can run the cleaner and it looks great for a couple of weeks but these places always seem to reappear.  Very frustrating and puzzling.  So if any of you astute readers have any suggestions, I'm all ears.


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