New Shoes in the Rain

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not sure where to start...

Wow, a great deal of stuff has appeared in the media over the past week or more that deserves comment....

First of all, what's Sarah Palin got up her sleeve?  Crashing the "Rolling Thunder" biker rally in Washington (the organizers were very specific in saying that Palin was NOT invited), visiting the National Archives (what, to check to see if the Constitution is still there?), then on to New York for dinner with the Trumps and on to New Hampshire.  And at each stop she effectively tweaks the collective nose of the press by saying she still isn't sure if she's running for president in 2012.

Suppose the GOP isn't all that happy with the choices it's seeing....a well-heeled Iowa Republican fundraiser apparently had dinner last night with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in an effort to persuade him to mount a campaign in 2012.

I wish 'em luck.

Luck also to Jim Tressel, who completed one of the longest and most blatantly hypocritical stints at the head of a prominent college sports program (in his case, Ohio State football) that I can remember.  Read somewhere that when he was a young assistant Tressel was in charge of a summer football camp for his employer university's football program.  The program would invite a small handful of incoming recruits to attend, but it was mostly attended by kids who never would have the chance to play college football.  Tressel was reported to have spoken to the kids about ethics in the morning and then rigged the afternoon raffle for pairs of cleats so that the recruits, and not the kids who spent their (or their parents') hard-earned money to attend, would win the free equipment.  Nice.  Of course, it doesn't help that Ohio State's star quarterback has been driving on a suspended license since February and is driving a car that's nicer than I'll ever own....and it's not the first time for him, either.  I'm sure that we're going to find out lots more about this as things unfold.

And thankfully, our long national Charlie Sheen nightmare is over....the powers that be at CBS, Warner Brothers and elsewhere didn't cave in to Mr. Sheen, and hired Ashton Kutcher (famous for being famous, mostly) to replace Sheen on "Two and a Half Men."  I'm asked constantly if I watch that show or "The Big Bang Theory," and I watch neither.  Frankly, there hasn't been a good sitcom on network television since "Seinfeld," and I'll stand by that statement.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to prepare for my tryout to pitch for the Cincinnati Reds.  They've added and subtracted so many pitchers lately due to injury, overworked relief pitchers and other factors that open tryouts can't be far behind.


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