New Shoes in the Rain

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I got nothing....

With apologies to a friend of mine who once uttered the title phrase to me after a day of outdoor painting in extreme heat....

But it kind of fits today.  I don't have any great travel stories to tell, no famous people I've met.  The new grandson is growing and doing well, parents and big sister are adjusting to life as a family of four, so that's all good.

But me?  Well, I said it earlier.  I got nothing.

Oh, I've been fighting a respiratory infection or something that's caused me to cough and blow quite a bit, but I think I've just about overcome it.  My wife wanted me to go to the doctor for it after spending a tough weekend a couple of weekends ago, but I felt I was making progress and declined to go.  After all, I was going for a physical the following Friday (6/3) and if I wasn't better by then, well, I'd already be at the doctor's office, so why go twice?

Pragmatism seldom trumps a spouse who's tired of someone coughing incessantly.  I was even banished to the guest room a couple of nights.

But my visit to the doctor went well, he asked me how long I'd had this particular ailment, and after looking at my throat and listening to my lungs (part of the physical) he did not recommend or prescribe anything.

But on the bright side, everything else went well at the physical.  Blood work is underway to ensure that my cholesterol and other metrics were where they should be, and, yes, I had my dreaded post-50 prostate examination.  "It's slightly enlarged," he commented flatly.  No kidding.  I have to get up at least once a night to make a trip to the bathroom, so I already suspected as much.  Hopefully the blood tests will not reveal any problems in my PSA levels.

So, I'm in my office this morning, working on a couple of projects that are not timely, and I got nothing.  Hope your life has more in store than that!


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