New Shoes in the Rain

Monday, January 3, 2011

Well, now, that was fun!

Just back to the daily grind after being off from work since December 23.  This is a slow time of year in my industry, but I still had a bit of catching up to do when I gritted my teeth and downloaded my E-mail this morning.

And my wife and I have been fighting colds or something like them for about the last week.  What fun!  And this was while our daughter and her two kids (a very active five-year-old girl and a boy who's fourteen months old) were visiting over the holidays!  Fortunately, no one contracted major diseases during this period, although my wife and I were both left to contemplate never, EVER feeling better!

About the biggest problem with my infirmity was that it prevented me from helping our son gut his kitchen over the weekend.  Mind you, I have virtually no construction skills, but, dammit, I can tear stuff up with the best of them!  And because he started on the day we took his sister and her kids to Cincinnati to the airport to fly back to Colorado, I knew I'd miss day one of the project.

I awoke on day two to some of the worst body aches I've ever experienced.  Fitful sleep and the inability to regulate my own temperature didn't help.  Our hero assured me that he had some help and would soldier on without me, and that I should put my efforts into recovery.  Good advice.

Called him yesterday and found that he was in the home stretch, again with a friend (a fine fellow whom I know a bit) assisting.  So I wasn't able to help rip, tear, dismantle and otherwise punish his kitchen.

Sitting at my desk just now, I feel just the slightest bit light-headed, owing to the sinus congestion I'm still fighting.  Hoping it will be a good day!


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