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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Seen and heard, just not believed

Commenting on a few unrelated things noticed over the past week or two.....

Did you hear about the flap over the Gap's proposed logo that was suddenly ditched in favor of keeping the current, navy blue box with "GAP" in thin white letters?  Apparently the image of the new logo (you'll have to find a news item somewhere to find an image) popped up somewhere online and people actually debated this via Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere, and public opinion was so heavily against the new logo that the Gap announced they're withdrawing the new logo and retaining the current one.

Honestly, people, do we not have anything better to do than spend online time arguing about the validity of a retailer's corporate logo?  And what does this say about a company the size of the Gap, which also operates Old Navy (and thus are responsible for those absolutely stupid television commercials) and Banana Republic, that they would be cowed by what I suspect is limited public reaction to a graphic design?  Not the clothing they sell.  The logo on the outside of the store and all of their advertising.  Come on.

Speaking of Twitter, I noticed a blurb on one of the online news sites that says that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore like to tweet each other.....while they're sitting face to face.  There are commercials that make fun of people who elect to communicate via such methods rather than actually talking, and the commercials are funny.  This isn't.

My beloved Cincinnati Reds were undone in their first playoff appearance in fifteen years by the defending National League champions, the Philadelphia Phillies, who displayed all of the qualities a good baseball team must have....excellent starting pitching, timely hitting and solid defense.  Sadly, the Reds did not, but gave a good effort against a very good team.  Great American Ball Park was sold out, naturally (record crowd for that building!), Sunday night, but there just wasn't much to cheer for the home crowd.

But I saw on one of the Reds-centric websites that I visit that at least one Philadelphia writer wrote a column making fun of the city of Cincinnati (the city of my birth, I should point out in the interests of full disclosure) and essentially putting it down in favor of Philadelphia.  Now, I know a few people from the Philadelphia area, and think of it much as I do the city of Boston.....I don't get it.  Yes, it's old.  Yes, there's history there.  But what I've seen in my limited time in each place is that the cities are decaying, dirty, and populated by folks who are generally rude (which is not uncommon in larger cities anywhere, actually).  Perhaps if I spent more time in one city or the other I'd understand better.  But I like Cincinnati.  So now they can write about me.

I like how the Tea Party candidates were initially avoiding any media outlets that appeared to be part of the "traditional liberal mainstream media," but now are appearing and arguing with hosts on many programs and failing to answer even the most basic of questions.  Stick to those talking points, candidates, so that no one can "trick" you into espousing your true opinions, as I'm sure New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino felt happened to him over the weekend in making comments about a gay lifestyle being an untenable choice.

In my home state of Kentucky, Tea Partier Rand Paul, son of Texas Congressman Ron Paul, is the Republican candidate for a Senate seat, and is opposed by the state's Attorney General, Jack Conway.  Yesterday I was driving home from a business meeting in Louisville and passed the Kentucky Democratic Party's headquarters.  The marquee on their sign read "This sign has been in Kentucky longer than Rand Paul" and I found that truly amusing.

Finally, the miners who have been trapped underground in Chile for all of these weeks are going to be brought out starting sometime tonight.  And what's the offshoot?  They're arguing about who'll be the LAST to be rescued, as that person will apparently be recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.



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