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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quit, or don't, but get on with it

Sunday's NFL conference championship games yielded one expected outcome (the Colts advancing to their second Super Bowl in four years) and one stupendously exciting game, in which the New Orleans Saints defeated the Minnesota Vikings for the right to play in their very first Super Bowl.

The big story all year for the Vikings has been Brett Favre, the 40-year-old oft-retired quarterback who let his team to a fine season marked with a high level of accomplishment for both the team and numerous individuals, including Favre himself. Truth be told, the Vikings were a decent quarterback away from a great record, with a stifling defense and all-world halfback Adrian Peterson. But the story was Favre, in his second comeback in as many years, having apparently been convinced to come back with a healed shoulder and a big chip on it against the Green Bay Packers. It seems the Packers tired of Favre's will-he-or-won't-he antics year after year and two years ago they essentially let him go, opting to grant the starting quarterback job to Aaron Rodgers (who himself led the Pack into the playoffs). Favre appears to have been out for revenge ever since, burning to show his critics (especially those in the Packer front office) that he could still produce at a high level.

If that's what this season was about, fine, mission accomplished. Favre had great stats and the Vikings won a whole bunch of games. However, since this fellow often seems to have multiple motivations for coming or going (his departure press conferences have been annual events for the past several years), my advice to him, for the benefit of his legacy and for the football world in general, is exactly as my title says: quit, or don't, but get on with it.


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