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Monday, October 10, 2016

Turning points

Good Monday morning to all.  Trying to get back to my former habit of posting on Mondays.  I'm honestly not sure when that changed, but, anyway....

First and foremost, my career search has concluded successfully.  Since I don't routinely speak of work in this blog, I won't add a lot of specifics, except to say that I will be joining a well-respected regional company in a field pretty similar to my last twenty years of experience.  We have not established a start date, pending completion of a drug screening and criminal background check, but I would think I'll begin my new duties in the next couple of weeks.

Hard to top that, but here goes....

Did you watch the presidential debate last night?  I watched with my wife and some other family members, and we all had this feeling that Donald Trump was going to walk up behind Hillary Clinton and slug her or something, given how close he got several times.  The "town hall" format is not my favorite, but at least in the past the candidates have pretty much stayed put.  I think I remember former Vice-President Al Gore and former President George W. Bush getting pretty close to one another, but not much else stands out.

Once again, Clinton seemed the more authoritative and informed of the two, while Trump seemed content to continue to stir the pot on existing controversies and less-than-mainstream opinions.  And I saw some rumors online that Trump's running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, was on the verge of leaving the ticket as the result of the release of that damning video of Trump and a television personality talking about how Trump is around women.

Trump dismissed the contents of that tape as "locker-room talk" but now a movement is gaining steam online in which women are coming forward to describe their own experiences in being abused. Horrifying that there are so many.

I watched a PBS documentary over the last week called "The Choice" that details how both Clinton and Trump got here.  Interesting viewing.  Both have quite a story to tell, and to their credit, the producers of this program did not show any partiality.

I'm really afraid this campaign will continue to degrade over the next month to the point where election day will be a relief and not a climax.

Kentucky managed to eke out another win in football over the weekend, as their game was not interrupted by the hurricane-induced weather up and down the Atlantic seaboard.  In fact, we've had beautiful weather here in Lexington recently.

Anyway, UK football has won two of its last three games, not pretty, but a win is a win.  The struggle continues next week.

UK basketball kicks off with its Big Blue Madness practice on Friday.  For those not from here, people camp out for the free tickets to this opening practice of the season, as it is often the only chance some fans have of entering Rupp Arena for a Kentucky basketball event of any kind.  And it's again being televised not locally, but on the SEC/ESPN network.  Last year's event was completely unwatchable due to the network incursion, and I'd bet this year's edition will be the same.

Have yourself a good week!


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