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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Explain something to me

Time for a general set of rants, folks.  A fella can only take so much, y'know....

When did the most prevalent of non-automated traffic signals become irrelevant?  I'm speaking of the humble stop sign, of course, which is now apparently more of a suggestion than a command.  After dinner last night I went to a nearby shopping center for a couple of very brief errands, and in the three-mile-round-trip I was nearly struck by not one but two vehicles who did not bother to even slow down at the sight of said stop signs.  Since I was not traveling at highway speed it wasn't difficult to slow down in time to avoid a collision.  The offending drivers did not even look in my direction when blowing through their stop signs into my path, making it all the more irritating.

The reverse is also becoming more common, wherein drivers are slow to leave a traffic light because they apparently began texting while their car was sitting still.  Thumbs up for not texting while your car is MOVING, but let's get going, OK?

How much longer is the national media planning to give Donald Trump a pass on his overt racism and negativity?  I read somewhere recently that he has received something on the order of $2 billion in free media coverage, which is why you seldom see a Trump for President ad ("Make America Great Again!") on TV.  Why pay for something when you get it for free?  But seriously, a judge whose parents are of Mexican heritage is biased against Trump?  Time for that to stop.

Oh, and the Associated Press declared that Hillary Clinton has now secured the Democratic Presidential nomination via a recalculation of "superdelegates."  And did so on the eve of a full day of primary elections in states such as California, New Jersey and a number of others.  Talk about anticlimactic....

Speaking of the national media, I noted with some disappointment that at least one of the national network evening newscasts ended without even a mention of the anniversary of the Allied invasion of Europe in 1944.  Any casual student of American and world history would agree that this was a pivotal point in World War II and had it not gone as planned, we might well be living in a far different world today.  For that date to go unmentioned and with no recognition (there are still members of the American invasion force alive today) is not only disappointing, but it's really inexcusable.  Yesterday also marked the date of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy as well.

One more on the media and I'll move on....when someone famous passes away, it's a shame, and it warrants some comment.  But we didn't need days of coverage of the death of Prince and it appears that we will get a full ten days of coverage of the death of Muhammad Ali, as NBC, at least, continues to nightly run tributes to him, as well as a news story about preparations for his funeral and memorial services.

And since I'm in the job market (though things appear to be moving to a good outcome) I'll just add that it's inconceivable to me that a company states more than once that they are in a hurry to fill a position, that you're a strong candidate and have a lot to offer, and then go silent for weeks after your last contact with them.  In this particular search, this has happened more than once to me.  I have detailed the oddities of my search in a previous post, but this is the most maddening thing I've seen this time around--we really need someone, and you appear to be perfect, but we're going to take our time all the same.

There.  I feel better now!


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