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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Forward motion

Good tidings to everyone this morning.  I hope that you stopped for a moment over the weekend, especially yesterday, to reflect on the sacrifice that so many have made for us through their military service.

Major League Baseball continues to "celebrate" occasions during the six months of the baseball season with special uniforms.  Yesterday I watched the Cincinnati Reds in a rare victory over the Colorado Rockies, and, naturally, both teams were wearing special Memorial Day uniforms.  These consisted of camouflage caps and all logos were trimmed with the same, regardless of team colors.  This was preceded by "special" Mother's Day unis which were dark grey caps trimmed in pink, in honor of the fight against breast cancer.  I believe that we can expect other special-use uniforms for Father's Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day.

This all evolved from special wristbands and bats and such and I suppose it's a way to recognize an occasion, but it's also a way to sell souvenir merchandise.  Yeesh.

The best "recognition" event that MLB does each year is April 15, otherwise known as Jackie Robinson Day, in which every single uniformed player, coach and manager wears the number 42.  I love that, and especially like that it started with former Red Ken Griffey, Jr. asking permission to wear that number on that date.

Switching gears....recently I posted a brief set of comments on the completion of the "merger" agreement for Time Warner Cable to become a part of Charter Communications, with the new entity to be called Spectrum.  We're now seeing television advertising regarding that, and the promises of no contracts, no major fee increases, etc. are all interesting.  Kentucky's Public Service Commission will no doubt grant whatever rate increases these folks request, they always do.

I believe I touched on this a while back, but TWC dramatically increased their internet speeds for all packages not long ago, with no direct increase in service costs.  We went from an average of 28-35 megabits per second of download speed to 250-320, but our household speed only increased somewhat.  A friend with tech background had warned that I might have to buy another modem, having purchased one in the past year or two, but it turned out that wasn't the problem in our case.  It was the limitations of our old router, an Apple Airport Express that had served us well in our smallish home.

So last week I went to a local electronics store and bought a super-duper product, the Apple Airport Time Capsule, with a 2 terabyte hard drive built in for backups and such.  Installed that, and, lo and behold, my speed went to where it's supposed to be.  And since we have a couple of products other than computers and tablets that rely on our Wi-Fi signal, we've seen good improvements in the performance of those items.  So while that's not an improvement that pays for itself, it at least removes some aggravation that previously existed.

The Airport Time Capsule, incidentally, advertises itself as a personal cloud of sorts, where one may store files and access them from any authorized computer from anywhere, provided there's an internet signal available.  So I went about testing that, as I stopped by our son's house to mow his lawn while he and his family were away for the weekend.  Sure enough, I could access the drive from his home base, which is exactly what I was hoping.  Nice feature, and lots more control than a cloud-based solution!

Finally, I entered the selection process for another promising job prospect last week with a very encouraging phone interview with a vice-president of a company.  Looking for the next step with that and a couple of others that I already have in the "pipeline" to consider.

Thanks for visiting, and try to remember that today isn't Monday!


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