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Friday, January 16, 2015

Change is the only constant

Happy Friday to all.  Another week is almost in the books!

A lot of this and that today, so bear with me (or skip ahead) if what I write in one segment isn't of interest.  Sometimes my brain just works that way, unfortunately.

Do you use Twitter?  And do you write much there, or just use it to see where the rich and famous are having dinner?  I do a bit of both, write things mostly in response to what I've seen there.  After the dreadful terrorist attacks in Paris Twitter was the vehicle through which many expressed their sorrow and opinions.  And many responded to those expressions, as you'd imagine.  I won't detail it here, but if you have some curiosity about how to shut someone down on Twitter effectively, Google the search terms "J.K. Rowling Rupert Murdoch Twitter" and that should show you what I'm referencing.

Gee, never thought I'd write those words in the same sentence....

Saw that Major League Baseball is going to be experimenting with a pitch clock next season at the minor league level.  If I understand correctly, a pitcher will have 20 seconds to unleash his next offering to the batter once he's given the ball.  My only question is this--what happens when the batter steps out or asks for time, which happens ALL THE TIME?  MLB is trying to speed up the game to make it more appealing who like other sports better because they move faster, yet the most popular professional sport is the NFL, which contains what George Will once characterized (and I'm paraphrasing here) the two worst aspect of American life--senseless violence punctuated by endless committee meetings.  I like pro football but it's often like watching paint dry.

Speaking of the NFL, isn't it amazing how fast teams will axe their existing coaches and hire new ones?  I don't know about you, but the last time I was offered a job as rapidly as some of these coaches are, I was applying for a job as a bagboy at a supermarket.  The last several times I've been in the selection process for professional employment, it took MONTHS for the process to conclude, whether I was the successful candidate or not.  That's probably somewhat normal, unless you already know the person who's hiring and have an inside track to the position.

Recently I took note on LinkedIn of two or three people that I used to work for or work under who've undergone some career transitions, and they don't look exactly like positive moves.  But I generally don't sit and hope that they'll get what's coming, so to speak.  Life's too short and I've experienced too much of that kind of stuff to get wrapped up in that kind of thinking.

My wife and I went to the grocery last night and spent a more obscene amount of money than usual, but I didn't have the impression that we bought a lot of stuff we don't normally.  Thank God gas is less expensive, since food costs continue to skyrocket.  I have this eerie feeling that food producers will continue to imply that their transportation costs are still on the increase and they're just passing those costs along to the consumer, much as the airline industry has stated again and again, all the while gouging passengers with added fees and exorbitant airfares.  I haven't flown on my own nickel for over a year, and it may be a while before I do at this rate.

Finally, I think I had mentioned recently that I bought a new computer.  Desktop model with an absurdly large display.  We're still getting acquainted, but overall I've been quite pleased.  Speedy, no real operating issues.  Still have to fiddle with my chair and such to do some of the more analysis-intensive stuff, and I tried one of those add-on lens things for my glasses but did not find them to my liking.  So it's an improvement, and that was the objective.

Have a good weekend, and try not to break anything.


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