New Shoes in the Rain

Friday, March 7, 2014

Just warming up

Good morning, all....happy to report that most of the five (yes, FIVE) inches of snow that fell on central Kentucky Sunday night and Monday morning are gone.  I have an intimate knowledge of how much snow fell since I shoveled my own driveway and sidewalks Monday morning when the snow had stopped, and then did the same for my elderly next-door neighbor.  Goodness, I'm really tired of snow and ice and cold and......

But, as I said, it's warming up, it's going to top 50 degrees here today and we're due to have several days in a row of weather that is pretty common for our area.  And that is indeed VERY good news!

Did you know that today and tomorrow have been deemed the "National Day of Unplugging," wherein people are encouraged to disconnect from their various online devices and thereby gain some relief from the stresses of life?  I'm all for disconnecting from work when I'm off (as I will be next week, coincidentally) but the way we all seem to work now makes it very difficult to completely unplug.  So I suppose the best I can commit is that I'll try not to pick up my iPad every fifteen minutes to see if I received a message, tweet, etc. for the next day or two.  Of course, I'm here now, and writing this online, so....

And we all need to "spring forward" by advancing our clocks by one hour on Saturday night, as we'll enter daylight savings time for the next several months.  Not wild about losing that hour of sleep, of course, but there are many pluses to DST, in my mind.  Not the least of which is being able to schedule a golf game after 1:00 PM and being able to complete the round before darkness falls.

I love this time of year, because now we're about a month from "real" baseball games that count.  Reading more and more about my esteemed Cincinnati Reds and their progress so far in spring training.  Spring really must not be far away.

And it's almost March Madness, too.  I'd bet Kentucky Coach John Calipari is feeling a different kind of madness right now, since his uber-talented team is not performing as the pre-season hype promised that it would.  They're just kids, after all, and Cal knows this, and fans do, too, but that doesn't stop the expectation machine from working overtime, particularly here in Kentucky.  The next hurdles are a regular-season-ending away game, then the Southeastern Conference tournament in Atlanta next week.  So I suppose we'll see if these guys grow up in a hurry, or play to their age and experience level.

Anything good on at the movies?  The last two I saw were released last fall, "Gravity" and "Captain Phillips," both nominated for Best Picture Oscars but both lost to "12 Years a Slave."  Just wondering.  This time of year seems to be a little thin for good new movies!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to step outside and catch a few rays....


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