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Monday, February 3, 2014

Over and done

The NFL football season came to an end last night, with the Seattle Seahawks' punishing defense stifling the Denver Broncos and their vaunted offensive attack in the Super Bowl.  As I just said to a friend in a message, I knew it wasn't going to be Peyton Manning's night when the first snap of the game went sailing wide and high, setting the tone for a game where an experienced team played as though fearful, and the younger, less tenured Seahawks went for broke nearly the whole game.  Guess that's why they go ahead and play the games.

We joined our son and his family for the game and some good food.  Baked chicken tenders, a corn/tomato/avocado salad, lots of crunchy stuff, and a cake and whoopie pies for dessert.  Best part of the night, particularly since the Broncos weren't able to generate any excitement for our group of partisans!

The commercials were not great this year, as you probably also found if you watched.  Among my favorites this year were the two Budweiser spots (one featuring a great "welcome home" for a soldier returning from combat and the other spotlighting the relationship between a dog and one of the Budweiser Clydesdales), the Audi commercial concerning compromise that featured a Doberhuahua, which was laugh-out-loud funny, and the Radio Shack commercial which said " the 80s called, they want their store back."  The last was a smart move, as Radio Shack still seems like a throwback to me, but thank goodness they're there, particularly when you need something odd.

And those who feared the weather would play a part in the outcome of the game were wrong.....snow and winter weather hit the New York area overnight, AFTER the game.  But I hope this opens the door to a Super Bowl played outdoors in Denver, for example, or some other non-warm-weather city. As long as Joe Namath shows up with his fur coat....

So now I'm ready for baseball.  Pitchers and catchers report to spring training in less than two weeks. Cannot come too soon!  I have always admired what the late A. Bartlett Giamatti wrote about baseball, how it's all about hope in the spring and cold, hard reality by the fall.  I like the optimism part better, of course.

And I can honestly say that I'm sick of winter.  No, I haven't been stranded anywhere, since I don't travel as frequently as I once did.  No, I haven't walked six miles in ice and snow, as a surgeon did in the Atlanta area last week in order to make it to the hospital to perform an operation on a patient in need.  No, I haven't had to abandon my car along the roadside because the roads were impassible.  But I'm just tired of it being cold.  And wet.  And did I mention cold?

Kentucky's basketball team seems to have bad winter weather following it around the Southeastern Conference, as their plane en route to Columbia, Missouri Friday evening was forced to land in St. Louis due to weather, forcing the team and traveling party to bus the rest of the way to Missouri's campus.  No matter, the Cats won in a nice road victory Saturday afternoon.  Hopefully they're beginning to round into form.

Shame about the actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  As I told my wife yesterday, I never ran out to see every movie he made, but liked what I saw.  He absolutely disappeared into characters, particularly his Oscar winning performance as author Truman Capote in "Capote" a few years ago.  Astounding.

That's enough for now.


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