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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

That's that

That's it.   End of the line.  Kaput.  And so on.

The Cincinnati Reds met their season's end last night in much the same way that the past dozen or so games had gone....listlessly.  Whatever happened to these guys apparently is pretty long-lasting, as they finished the 2013 season on a six game losing streak.

Wait until next year.  But that phrase went out with the Brooklyn Dodgers (affectionately called "Dem Bums" by the locals way back when).

OK, enough of that.  I could go on, but that won't accomplish anything.

So, I read today an interesting article about how BlackBerry reached the low point where the company now exists.  It was a fascinating read that detailed a lot of indecision and conflict among their leadership, once the Apple iPhone entered the cellphone market.  I dare say that they aren't the only maker of cellphones whose fate was altered considerably by that invention.

I'm finding it hard to believe that the folks in Washington simply allowed the federal government to shut down, since a deal wasn't struck.  One TV pundit put it nicely....the folks who are holding things up this time are mostly those who are in legislative districts where they're unlikely to lose their seats in Congress, regardless of what they do while in office.  So there's no motivation to compromise anything toward "accomplishment," however that winds up being defined.  So if you're served by a non-essential part of the U.S. government, this may be a while before your service is restored.

I won't go into detail here, but I'm experiencing something of a paradigm shift after changing jobs in the last couple of months.  I tell you, no two corporate cultures are alike, are they?  Not that I've seen!

Samsung is really ramping up the publicity on this new "watch" that links to your smartphone.  Honestly, am I that busy that I can't pull my phone out to look at it, I have to have stuff displayed on the face of a watch?  Huh?

On the plus side, I read that Apple is apparently working on something major....something that will make it less clunky to watch different things on TV, that it will somehow integrate your cable box and your subscription (if you have one) to things like Netflix or Hulu Plus.  All I can say is:  we'll see.

Side note:  We tried Netflix but never found that much that we really WANTED to watch.  We could have watched some stuff, but didn't WANT to watch a lot of it.  But, each to his own.  I will say that we've begun buying movies digitally, which means no disks and no physical storage of said disk.  Kinda nice in a lot of ways, plus it's available to watch from a number of devices, all you need is a Wi-Fi signal.

I can always tell when I'm running out of stuff that's even marginally interesting, and it feels that I'm there.  So we'll see you next time.


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